Have the "rich" been enslaved by the poor?

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  1. Its not just the inocme tax that is bothersome....it sal ther other taxes you don't even know or think about

    1) your income tax
    2) your state tax
    3) property tax
    4) Gas tax
    5) cigarette and alcohol tax
    6) Toll bridges
    7) capital gain tax on any investment
    8) PHONE tax (home phone)
    9) Phone tax ( cell phone)
    10) electricity tax ( check your bill next time)
    11) Cable tax ( check your bill next time)
    12) sales tax
    13) Estate tax
    14) Flight tax
    15) DMV tax ( you can call it registratin fee, its a tax)
    16) Tag tax ( read above)
    17) Doc stamp tax ( when you buy a home, HUGE cost)

    ...am i fogetting anything????? Im telling you its nuts!!!!
    and to me the worst part is the double taxation...you take a grand after taxes, invest it in a very specualtive stock, make 100K and the govenrment says " Give me 35% of that" so on your TAXED money...you get TAXED again
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  2. ElCubano


    you only get taxed on the profit, so no you arent getting taxed twice on the money you earned the first time..only on the profit..and the way I see it is ill take that any day of the year..the example you gave...i trade specualtive stocks and have never made 100k in a position from a 1000 investment,,,,.:D

    Axeman you really do have a beef, I agree with you. Look at the bright side......you're single .....:D

    And I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the Government cheese ( if thats what it really was )....
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  3. how can you say we are not getting double taxed???? if i make 10k in a month...the gov't takes 3500.....that leaves me with 6500.....i take 1000 of what is left over...make a personal investment and if i LOSE $$ ...im out of luck....if i MAKE 10k...the gov't wants 3700 of the 10k profit form previously taxed money
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    Think about what you just wrote and then come at me again....double taxation is getting taxed twice on same money earned.....not on more profit made..if you make more profit from money you earned and then invested you will be taxed accordingly on your profit not on the original money you earned .....peace
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  5. Ok.....so you are ok with tthe fact that the govenrment taxes me...and then i take all the risk and invest after taxes....and if i make money....they want 37%????...os out of a 10k proifit, they will not taxe me on my intially taxed 1000....instead they will tax the other 9k.....this is my point....once my paycheck is zapped, i should be free to engage int he american dream as i see and not have the gov't lined up like a hungry puppy wanting a sencond helping.......heres the best part though...if i made the 100k thye would take 37k.....and then weh i die......they want a chunk of the remianing 63 k that i have left in my will!!!!!
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    That block of cheese isnt cheap amigo.....You dont have to pay taxes...but that's another thread.....:eek:
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  7. Ditto... make sure you vote!!! I did.

    The other thing is who says the government can pay for a campaign to raise your taxes with YOUR TAX MONEY!!! Now that's criminal.
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  8. Ok im going to come clean....I got some disturbing news yesterady.....My CPA said I owe Uncle Sam another 6k......:mad:
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  9. ya got it:D :D

    soooo many ways to skin the cat errrrr taxpayer.. so little time..:cool:

    Long live the gov't crooks and their porkbarrel bills:D :D
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    Quote from TM_Direct:

    Tell you what is going on in Florida today....theres a move to enact a sales tax up to 7%!!! ...to pay for roads... ...what the f8ck are you doing with my money in the first place??? safety , transportation should be the first two things taken care of....but heres the kicker onthe sales tax part.....its going to create....TOLL ROADS....?????? why the hell am i paying a sales tax so i can build a road that i then have to pay for?????

    but but but isn't the Iraq war the first priority????:confused:

    let's see now... 500 billion cost (HAL/cheney and dumya co) very very happy:D :D

    Thousands innocent of theirs killed, hundreds of our own..:eek:

    Taxpayer foots the bill...Yeahhhh baby:cool: :cool:

    don't ya wonder who gets the loot? better give us the moola and stop the blood. NOOOO WAYYYYY Jose....war business most lucrative..long live the industrial military complex Yeahhh Baby:D

    And the question now before the taxpayers, how would you have spent all this $$$$$??? :D
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