Have the "rich" been enslaved by the poor?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by axeman, Oct 6, 2003.

  1. ElCubano


    I call for Alfonso's resignation from these boards NOW......:D
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  2. Absolutely!!!!!

    I cannot believe he used racist and inflammatory remarks about spanish people:D
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  3. You all are not rich anyway, so stop this silly fantasizing.
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  4. I agree....but according to your liberal friends in congress i am

    look up the tax brackets and see where they always get upset and pull out the rich crap...if you are married and make 120k per year...congratulations !!!! Your rich and didn't;t even know it!
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  5. THAT my friend, is PRECISELY my point.

    I AM NOT RICH, but you could NEVER find a
    democrat that would admit that by a long shot.

    I'm single and make over 100K/year.

    I bet ALL dems call me rich. So they beat the living hell outta me with taxes!

    "Rich" is a relative term, but as far as i'm concerned,
    you are not really rich if you have to work
    at all to support yourself.

    This is the minimum level. Even then, you could still
    claim that old retired people are all rich who are
    scratching by.



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  6. ElCubano


    Whats all the bitching about??? WAit until you get married and they tax you another 50%....:D
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  7. harry said: "It is them that do the taxes law and they don't care about taxes because they can use offshore, fondations and other means to escape taxes they impose others to support whereas the average riches can't at least without risking being out of law."

    There are either LEGAL tax loopholes or there AREN'T.

    I keep hearing that the super rich don't pay much
    in taxes, by offshoring, but how is this so?

    What prevents ME from doing the same thing legally? Or is this just a myth?

    Anyone know what percentage of gross income
    Bill Gates paid last year in taxes?


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  8. LOL :D Not getting married. 100% disadvantages to me. :D



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  9. NO...wait until you try to get divorced in California and lose the other 50%!!!!!!
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  10. LOL! Exactly! Why in the HELL would a man ever get married? Especially in states like california?

    I see ZERO benefit. As a trader, this would be a trade with 100% risk and no reward.



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