Have the Democrats actually accomplish anything?

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  1. Other than the Cash for clunkers and more troops in Afghanistan. Did anything else actually get done?
  2. They've done stuff. Too bad none of it was good.
  3. Back in early of 2009 I have said that Obama is going to be the next carter not the next fdr, that is coming to fruition.

    Obama has not done jack shit and democrats need to relearn how to govern (get bill clinton's playbook)

    The alternative (sarah palin, teabaggers) are worse still.

    Like I said before moderation beats conservatism and moderation is our salvation.

    I voted for Obama because I did not want an angry geriatric with a hand on the nukes and a bimbo as VP one heartbeat away from the presidency. I stand by my vote and will always do that.I was not under illusion of obama's greatness and called him a jfk wannbe as early as october of 08. You can search for my posts around that time and see for yourself.
  4. Yeah the McCain/Palin ticket was pretty scary. But it does seem that Obama and Democrats are incapable of doing anything.

    At least thats good news in a way. 4 years of the government accomplishing nothing is probably better than what could have happened with a Bimbo as president.

    Hopefully something better comes by 2012.
  5. maxpi


    Government doing nothing is good for the most part. Government re-regulating the banking industry would be good but Democrats didn't do that. Government encouraging Blacks to work in the private sector would be good but Democrats didn't do that. Government tossing out the war on drugs and letting people decide what they want to do on their own would be good but Democrats didn't do that. Government that could learn to discern between an illegal alien and an immigrant would be good but Democrats didn't do that. Government that didn't do bailouts and let the weak hands die off and the successful people flourish would be good but Democrats didn't do that..

    Democrats that could just stand up to the insurance industry and make them act like good citizens of the US of A would have been good but they didn't do that... They always act like the BSD's but they always kiss the ring of whoever has the biggest bankroll for them...
  6. do Clowns accomplish anything but make people laugh at their stupidity
  7. I thought he was enacting his radical agenda as reported by neocons, how can he be doing nothing and still pushing through his evil agenda :confused:
  8. He's done plenty.just a few examples

    1.Health insurance for kids

    2.Obamas economic policies have produced these results in less than a year in office



    3.Both wars will be over in within the next 3 years.All marines are out of Iraq,combat troops to be out within a year

    4.Less then 20 terrorist fatalities,Bush had almost 4,000 in this same time period

    5.Soon 30 million Americans will have access to health care.Insurance companies will no longer be able to deny health coverage,cancel policies when people get sick,wrongly deny claims etc

    Did I mention all this was done in less then a year ?
  9. The only things the Dems ever had any intention of accomplishing was government run health care... it's the keystone to Socialist control and power. And considering the Dems will get SLAUGHTERED in the '10, election.... it shows us just how rabid they are about cementing this Progressive power play into America's culture.

    After that, look at the objectives of Andy Stern and SEIU...

    Beyond that, the Dems care for nothing except maintaining power. :mad: :mad:
  10. Don't panic yet boy - you got another 7 years of this to get through. :D
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