Have the Commodity Markets Topped Out?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by PohPoh, Nov 15, 2007.

Have the Commodity Markets (GSCI, CCI indicies) Topped Out?

  1. Hell NO! We got a long ride higher over the next 12 months

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  2. We should consolidate up here for the next 12 months

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  3. Hell YES! Everything is going to come down hard over the next 12 months

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  1. Any opinions??
  2. pohpohmyminitrading
  3. SYstem says GO LONG as it trickles down for the BIG pop to new highs
  4. Dude ...I'm not him..please give it up

    No seriously...give it up...for POHPOH

    Mymini, would you back me up here, please?
  5. RCANFIEL is supposed to initiate the poll threads.

  6. lol I was thinking the same thing. Maybe he'll jump in with the stupid period as an answer<.> .....................