Have Music AUTO turn OFF when news announces from diff source???

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by jtnet, Sep 12, 2006.

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    Hi like to listen to tunes while trading, primarly WINAMP, but i also use PALTALK to chat with friends with headsets and use NEWSTRIKE for news announcements. is there a way to auto mute my music or dim it down when somone speaks so i can hear them the first time with some kind of software where u can dynamicly control volumes from which source, etc.
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    ice searched the internet, and came up with nothing ass well. this would be a huge help.

    or be able to press a button manually to pause even if winamp window isnt active, but still maay miss stuff if i dont hear it or too slow.
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  5. This is only my opinion, but I wouldn't do anything on my trading computer except trade. No chatting, no music, no videos, no games. If any one of those activities caused a distraction or a computer crash, you could lose money.
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    I'm not familiar w/some of the software you're using but one thing that might work is to use a macro program like MacroExpress. If you could have the Paltalk window in the background when it's inactive and then have it become the active foreground window when someone speaks, you could set your macro to turn down your music when the Paltalk window becomes active. Something along those lines might do it. You can try out ME for a trial period, there are also other free macro programs out there, search on Google.


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    if i cant use a comptuer to multi taks a little, no point, my stuff should be able to handle
  8. I use an old microsoft natural keyboard. There is a 1) a mute button that mutes all audio output or 2) a stop button that stops the current media (and it works with winamp !!!)