Have men lost respect for women

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  1. According to statistics, 40% of visitors to porn sites are women. Women are equally involved in pornography and prostitution. Have men have lost respect for women?
  2. The way many women (not all) dress up today, women have further lost men's respect.

    Today when you go out to buy daily essentials or a walk or important work, you do not know the person in front of you is involved in pornography or prostitution or other illegal actvities. Cannot trust anybody.

    If you slap or seriously assault somebody who is useless then police gets involved and if you slap police then big problem (for police). What you should be done now?
  3. Its both...in the US men do not respect women and women do not respect men in general. Many will not agree with this, but their actions speak louder than words.

    My wife cant even walk down the street by herself without someone howling at her from a passing car.
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    I've lost all respect for you, therefore you must be a woman.
  5. Women who are involved in prostitution and pornography are responsible for your wife's fears and troubles.

    Good and God-like women (your wife) suffer because of useless women (prostitutes and porn).

    It is the responsibility of all world god-like women to beat/bash-up useless women because women know and speak to women.

    It is the responsibility of all world god-like men to beat/bash-up useless men because men know and speak to men.

    This is how you clean the world society and make it a better place to live.

    Sometimes police are useless so ordinary people have to be strong and takeover. Just start beating useless people. If police gets involved just tell them to shut up and sleep for good.

    I have slapped hard 2 police officers who were not behaving properly. I know high rank people in the army. Nobody dares touch me. If army gets involved, everybody will be in serious trouble. Honestly speaking when police become useless and cannot control useless people and crime then army should takeover the control (I am talking about all 192 countries).

    Army defends the country from outside enemies and army should defend the country from inside enemies (if needed/required).

    My young days physical trainng and exercise has been more tougher than stronger than USA army and Russian army. I do not need army's support at present but if there is a need I will speak to the army.

    It is high time strong men and women takeover the controls of world society because police cannot be present everywhere. Please help police/cops.

  6. Tell your wife to walk on the sidewalk.:mad:
  7. When I slap you hard, you will respect me for 1 Trillion years more.
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    I live in Canton, GA; let me know when you're coming. And even IF you do get a good slap in, I'll be surprised if I live much more than another 25 - 30 years.
  9. Some 15 days back there were reports of serial killer in New York who has killed 10 prostitutes. This good killer is cleaning the world society but police will arrest him and put him in jail for 50 to 100 years. Why?

    This good killer is important for the world and should be allowed to live a free and respected life. He is accomplishing/achieving what police cannot achieve. Police should not get involved in such important matters. Think about it.
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    I know what you mean, I'd feel the same way if someone killed YOU.
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