Have main=PC thinking of Macbook too- problems?

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  1. Hey guys. I use PC, built my own and always been a pc guy. However, I've always been frustatred with PC's many times and thinking of converting to Mac eventually.

    The time has come to get a notebook, and I'm stuck on whether to get a pc or a macbook (13"). THis way my wife can search the web and I don't have to worry about being bothered on the pc.

    My concerns:

    Any compatability issiues when connecting to my pc network; in term sof opening picture (I use adobe elements photo album)

    THink it's difficult to be using mac and PC together (confusion or do oyu get use to it?)

    I will use during the day so sometime I might trad eon it as back up or if I'm out of town, any issues with using TDameritrade or Quote tracker?

  2. I switched to mac and never looked back. thinkorswim has native mac software.

    you can boot up windows on it if you want to use ninja trader.
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    I've always been a PC guy, but have in the past purchased a MacBook Pro. In my honest opinion, it's a lot of hype and you'd be better off buying a nice netbook for your wife to surf/email on, and one for yourself to trade on (Will come out cheaper too). Yes, Macs are nice and shiny looking, but for all practical purposes, I don't think you're going to have less problems with it than your PC. Secondly, most of the time don't blame the system, blame the user ;)

    I'm not familiar with TD Ameritrade, but you'll need to install VMWare Fusion, Parallels, or one of the other virtualization layers to run Windows and Windows apps like QT.
  4. you dont need to install any of these apps to run windows natively thru bootcamp.

    the only time you need these apps is to run windows simultaneously with mac os.

    How about no viruses from the internet, no slowdowns due to huge registry file, ets.. I been a pc user since 8086 cpu came out, but mac wins hands down!
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    huh? First of all, how does your PC usage history bear any relevance to the argument? I'm a Computer Science PhD and my first platform was a 80386. SunOS, DOS, Windows, System 7, Linux, 95, 98, 2k, ME, Vista.... blah blah blah, but I sure do love Windows, and it wins hands down..... blanket statements are always good.

    The fact is that if you take good care of your Windows based OS, you'll have a solid platform. Hence my user error comment. Secondly, why the hell would I buy a Mac to just dual boot (through bootcamp) Windows on it. I could just go with a cheap Windows alternative to fulfill my sparse trading and image editing requirements (which the OP implied).

    And for entertainment purposes:

    One thing PC users can do that Mac users can't:

  6. LOL! so true.
  7. I bought a MacBook Pro several months ago. So my comments are in reference to it.

    Currently my setup is that I have a hardwired network between 2 PCs and a printer. The network is connected to cable. By the way, I'm using an Apple router called Airport Extreme. You can set up both wired and wireless networks with it, using either PCs or Macs. I have setup a wireless network via which the MacBook Pro can connect to the network. I can use the MacBook Pro from anywhere in the house to connect to the internet...which is a nice advantage. If I need to print something from the MacBook I do it via the network printer.

    I also share files. Photos are located on both of the PCs. I can access those files via the MacBookPro. I can't tell you about your photo software. But my photos are all .jpg files which is no problem.

    I trade through IB. They have software for both PC and Mac. Their TWS (Trader WorkStation) works fine on either the PCs or the Mac.

    I primarily use my PCs for trading since I have them set up with 4 monitors. But I have traded with the MacBook Pro. I also have an aircard from Sprint which I use with the MacBook Pro for internet access if I'm out of range of my home network, or if cable or power go down. So it's a good backup.

    I'm impressed with the MacBook Pro and the Mac operating system. I have not used PC software on my MacBook, so need to use Parallels, Bootcamp, etc. Instead of Microsoft Word for instance, I use Apples Pages. No anti-virus software, etc etc....makes it nice as well.

    The MacBook Pro is a high end machine with a high end price. But if you can get past the price, it's impressive in my opinion. By the way, my wife is a heavy user of the MacBook Pro as well. She does alot with photos.

    Good luck with your decision.

  8. People should not have to "take good care" of their PCs. That's just ancient thinking and makes as much sense as saying people should "take good care" of the firmware in their car's OBDII or the OS in the microwave.
  9. I happen to use linux myself, I don't have any issues with it.

  10. I bought my first macbook, i liked the OS, but i hated the trackpad/mousepad on the macbook. The mouse buttons are hidden beneath the trackpad and it really felt tacky and cheap. I sent it back for a refund. Hope the mac book pro is better built.
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