have fun with this one (holy grail!?!??!)

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  1. Check out http://www.day-traders.com/home.html The claims will make your mouth water. And guess, what you can also find out for "$97 fully refundable deposit", if it's for real or not :p I also love the guy's name - Steve Matrix :D

    P.S. I am in no way affiliated with above-mentioned web site and I don't get compensated whatsoever for posting this, so don't jump on me:D
  2. hopefully they'll shut him down. I feel bad for the poor schlep whose picture he used.
  3. Were not worthy Were not Worthy (bowing)
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    Those charts look identical. I guess Amway has finally caught up with daytrading.
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    Does anyone wonder that if there REALLY was a system out there, with 90%+ accuracy, why would anyone sell it?

    Notice that in bull markets no one is selling squat, but near the end of bear markets all of the sudden, daytraders that lost it all have a "system" with 90% accuracy?

  7. It seems to me there were lots of systems for sale during the bull market too but I agree with the spirit of your post Pound. If it works trade it, if it doesn't work, sell it.
  8. It's not just 1 system, it's 3 systems for the price of 1! I guess if the 1st doesn't work, the others might. I like the systems that offer a car better.
  9. Looks like all it is is an MA crossover system. Good way to go broke fast trading the S&P. If it were that easy we'd all be alot dumber.

    That guy on the web page looks like steve from 90210. I bet that's where "steve matrix" stole the pic from.
  10. Bwhahahahahahahaha!!!

    "Last Year Alone, You Could Of Put $293,560.00 In Your Pocket Using My Guaranteed System!"

    If his system is as good as his grammar, "you could of" ended up an ex-trading hobo in no time.

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