Have all the bears been fleeced yet?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by PohPoh, Oct 5, 2007.

  1. I would think it would come on a move higher...to about 1590 or so...
    but man...those futures were sure leaning hard to the upside pre-report...
    and man, did we ever explode higher above this week's swing high when that report came out...

    But wait..

    What is the GOOD news for the bulls from that report?

    Nothing...abso-fuckinlutely NOTHING!!!
  2. NOTHING? No rate cut necessary, dollar has a -little- support here, and recession verified not an issue (yet). Needing no rate cut is supportive here, I think, since dollar denominated assets look less attractive if they'll be perceived worth less 20% a yr from now.
  3. All we need to know now is how much the next rate cut is going to be.

    You DO KNOW THAT THERE WILL BE ANOTHER don't you. As of right now I have little to no faith in the US fed and Bernanke has lost a bunch of credibility in my eyes.

    Right now there is such a "let them eat cake" mentality out there that it's impossible to buy value, just buy out of fear of your dollars falling further into the abyss.

    US cash is truly trash. I'll be upgrading the toilet paper in my house to the US $5 note since it will be very hard to wipe my ass with $1 coins. After all what good is a $1 note when the paper and ink is too expensive to print them with? For that matter, what good are coins when the metals are worth more than the denomination? I guess we can simply stop any coinage or printed money and just move to total electronic currency, much cheaper and easier to come by.

    The bigger they are, the harder they fall.

    Good Luck!
  4. NHs guys. Apparently those that matter don't agree.
  5. Goldilocks appears to be alive again.
    However, she's now a zombie, having died after the sub-prime debacle.
    The silver bullet to put her down will be inflation and the dropping US dollar.
    All in good time.
    For now, the bulls are dancing in the streets.
  6. Try to explain to someone who is not in the business this:
    Last month, the jobs number was -4,000
    In light of that, the Fed cut interest rates, and cut them way larger than the markets expected...
    Today, the revision to last month's number was +93,000...
    So they found 93,000 jobs...and the rate cut was unneccessary...

  7. As to the title of this thread, Bears might get skinned, but its sheep that get fleeced.