Have all the anti-gun-rights twits finished starting new threads?

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  1. Just wondering because that crapola is getting old.

    Who's the best person to determine what type of gun if any, you need ?

    You or some control freak who can't stand the thought of you exercising your rights detailed in the 2nd amendment ?
  2. Lucrum


    futurecurrents says any weapon with a capacity over 5 rounds, all hand guns and all semi auto "assault" weapons need to be banned.

    Red Duke claims all semi auto rifles and anything with a mag capacity over 10 rounds needs to be banned.

    futurecurrents admits to owning a 30-30 rifle, most likely a lever action with 5 round magazine

    Red Duke claims to own a 9mm handgun most likely with a 10 or less round magazine.

    See a pattern here? They both conveniently propose banning pratically everything EXCEPT what they personally own. And then they bloviate one baseless rationalization after another to justify their proposals.
  3. Yeah , the same pattern I always see,liberals are full of shit and their concept of freedom of choice for you is : You are free to only choose what they determine is best for you.
  4. pspr


    Once Obama's new taxes kick in and they see what's left of their paycheck, they'll have a whole new reason to complain here and they'll forget all about their anti-gun rants. But, that may not totally show up in their paychecks for a month.
  5. Sounds like taxes... They want to raise other people's taxes.
  6. My thoughts exactly.
  7. Let's try a mental experiment:

    What if I hold a king cobra on a pike not far from you, would you feel uncomfortable? An entity that can kill you in minutes being not far from you will unnerve just about anyone.

    Now try having an entity that can kill DOZENS in a matter of SECONDS, i.e a semi automatic weapon.

    An average citizen with a gun near me presents a mortal threat to me. I don't want to depend on their goodwill, their temper, their mood, their psychiatric condition or their potential criminal intent.

    When I drive I frequently encounter complete idiots who just don't give a shit. Knowing that EVERY asshole on their road has easy access to a gun is an unpleasant feeling.

    Easy access to guns means only lazy criminals don't have access to them. The person who killed 2 firefighters was in prison for murder, yet he easily and effortlessly got his hands on a gun. In USA every douchebag mfer has a gun. That is not the case in every single country and that is ONLY the case because of lax gun laws.

    US government controls things that are crucial very well. You cant casually get a hand grenade or an RPG and if you tried FBI would be on your ass. If you tried to purchase ingredients connected to bombmaking on the internet you would have men in black at your door in days. If you purchase 10 hand guns and thousands of rounds of ammo, body armor, tactical gear, nobody would care.
  8. Somebody needs to slap your mom for raising such a mental pussy.

    I suggest you:
    1) stay in your mom's basement until you decide to grow up.
    2) homestead in Alaska so you won't have to be paranoid about all those
    evil people around you.

    3)Seek psychiatric counseling for your inability to handle the risks of adulthood.
  9. Lucrum


    For a self professed smarter than most educated heat and air installer. That is one stupid utterly irrelevant analogy.
  10. wjk


    He doesn't fear guns in gov hands, only in the populace. I have already mentioned China as a place to move to...better yet...N Korea.
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