Have a Unique problem regarding sleep and trading

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  1. Starting in April I will be doing red-eye flights from West to East Coast...leaving Sunday night and arriving Monday morning at 5:30 AM, and need to be bright eyed and bushy tailed, and alert and ready for the trading day.
    I will then be flying back East to West coast, on Friday mornings, and repeating again for about 8 weeks...

    Any idea on how to overcome the jet lag and be ready for Monday mornings...


  2. Research melatonin. Can get it in health food stores. Worked for me east to west transatlantic. Alternatively, get so smashed you have no fucking idea WHAT time zone you are in. I have found that a good drunk reliably resets the brain like the reset button resets a computer. But it takes a lot of practice to do that and still function well. The test is that if your dick can still get hard when you wake up, you are good to go. On long flights, if you are sufficiently charming, you can usually get a sympathetic flight attendant of either gender to help with this. If you are a girl, sorry, that test will not work.
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    Stay on east coast time during your weekends. Light therapy sounds ghey but it actually works. Bright light for a few minutes while you drink coffee in the morning will reset your internal clock. Personally I would have a few beers or cocktails Sunday night at dinner to make sure I passed out sufficiently early. :)

    I used to commute LA-Seattle as you describe. Your trip will be much more difficult.

    One other trick I can offer is that you should buy a pack of 1st class upgrades, the kind that you can just handover when you check in at the terminal. You basically use them for the Friday flight home if you are exhausted or if the plane is super packed etc. It used to be 4 first class upgrades for 200 bucks with United and I definitely think it is worth 50 bucks for a decent meal and some peace. You'll be fine in coach for the Sunday night/Monday morning trips.

    Good luck!
  4. Spend a $100 on a golite- I bought mine at Costco.

    Its more important in the fall/winter/early spring.
  5. Good amount of hard exercise always allows the body to rest more fully on less hours of sleep.

    More quality REM sleep action is better than more sleep hours!
  6. Adjust your sleep schedule so you will always be prepared for trading. Go to bed an hour or two after the close.
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    do not attempt to adjust your body more than 2 hours eastward per day; if staying on the east coast schedule is practical, that is probably your best bet.
  8. No, I live out West, and I will be travelling East...I will be there for 4 full days and 4 full nights before heading back home...and then repeat again...

    Is that gonna be ok, then?