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    Conventional wisdom says it costs a lot more to get a new trader than to keep a current one. Exactly how much more expensive is up for debate, but the fundamental concept is pretty clear: you’re wasting resources if the traders you work hard to bring end up blowing up their accounts. Traders lose money and firms lose revenues.

    As a firm owner, do you go with the flow or find new ways to make your traders successful? If you chose the latter, we have a product for you.

    Trademetria for Managers is our latest product that allows managers to stay on top of their firm results while giving their traders full access to back office reporting and trade analytics that will help them increase their chances of success and reduce the time it takes to profitability.

    Why settle for reporting when you can also give your traders analytics to understand why, how and where they are losing money.

    Find out more at https://www.trademetria.com/back-office-reporting-for-brokers
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    Just curious, any trader knows this book and bottom line or he is toast. What do you mean when you say: ....why, how and where they are losing money." I know exactly what causes my pnl to change every day.

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    Great question. Thank you for asking.

    Most traders go out of business without knowing the underlying reasons. They might say that they ran out of money, time, discipline to follow a strategy and so forth. All good reasons, but...

    When you analyze their trades with a system like Trademetria, it can reveal pretty interesting data about where the money went.

    Here is a typical example:

    Trader opens a 10k account, trades 1630 times over the course of 6 months and blows up.

    When we load his trading history into Trademetria, we discover that:

    2k was lost going short.
    4k was lost on two stocks alone (C,AAPL)
    1K was lost on 5 days where he did not respect his daily loss limit
    1k was lost because he traded bigger lots when his average pnl was still negative.
    2k was lost on strategy GAP.

    A trader that uses Trademetria would, for example, after month 1:

    Eliminate AAPL, C from the list potentially saving 3-4k.
    Stop going short or take light positions only. Another 1-2k potentially saved.
    Stop trading the GAP strategy as it proved to be unprofitable. Another 1k saved.

    Eventually, the trader lasts long enough to become profitable and stay in the business by trading based on statistical analysis that showed the way to profitability.

    Our system brings these insights on a daily basis, so you can trade->measure->learn->optimize your trading performance as you progress. If you don't do this work, it is very hard to know where/how/why you are losing money regardless of whether you are profitable or not.

    Do you know all these metrics for your account? If not, I invite you to open an account and check where you can improve.
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  4. Hindsight is 20/20. I don't think you can just eliminate some bad trades and make them a winner. Its a process.
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    I agree, it is not a silver bullet John, but it is an incredibly powerful tool for those who use it.
  6. hi tradethetrade,

    like to try your system sometimes.

    meanwhile, enjoy this also searching video,
    without malice in any shape or form, K?

    enjoy at your own risks. LOL

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    Hey Nakachalet, thank you for your interest. I was only able to see a 1-minute video.
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    Hello Thiago,

    Are the inputs manual or you can export CVS files into it?
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    Hi Matt,

    Thank you for your question.

    Typically firms load up a .csv file at the end of the trading day. We will soon have an api to automate the process. If you have a rest api, we can connect to it and download your trades automatically.

    I visited your site and was able to match your commission fees with our reporting system. So your clients could have access to full reporting like pnl, gross, fees, commission, software charges, etc and also performance related reporting like profit factor, win rate, avg holding time, number of shorts, longs, projections and much more.

    If you like, we can setup a pilot with some of your clients at no cost to you.

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    Always open to ideas that would help our customers!

    We do not have our own API as we rely on the technology providers we work with: Rithmic, CQG, TT and CTS just to name a few.

    I look forward to talking to you.
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