Have a problem with ESPL-Ensign

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by futbee, Sep 3, 2003.

  1. futbee


    I will program a study using espl in ensign. The study will calculate when the first bar is complete above/below an moving average and will when display a line in the chart.
    The problem is, the study calculates on every tick, but I need to calulate it on the close of a bar because the display is blinking and the program is out of control.
    Can everyone help me?

  2. keeda


    I assume you are using a loop structure to do your calculations. It is a bit difficult to debug with out a code example of what you are attempting to do. Shoot me a PM with your code and I can test it out tomorrow during market hours or check it out tonight if you are still online. (that is if you don't mind showing off your study).
  3. hawki


    You can set espl study to only update on the close by going to the chart objects list, select the espl study and make sure that the close only is checked.
  4. or add the following line to the ESPL code;

  5. futbee


    @hawki and @mavrick99

    thank you for the ideas, but they not resolve the problem