Have a look at these amazing stunts ** While our stunts are war and bankruptcy

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  1. Waiting


    These moves are stunning, a new record in fine arts.

    Chinese took the best of European culture and made it their own.

    While we are busy "taking over the world with freedom troops" LOL

  2. Superfly


    Sense - you make none
  3. Waiting


    This is the extent of your argument, this above. How pathetic.

    You think I like China ?

    You think I admire them ?

    WRONG, I am trying to show you how we have lost our way, instead of being the best we waste resources on wars that are not even our own.
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    You're just confused

    Common sense - you make none
  5. Waiting


    That is the extent of your argument ?

    that is the extent of your argument

    you are pathetic
  6. Superfly


    Since I've wasted 2 minutes reading your post anyway, tell me what does Chinese ballet have to do with American war?
  7. Waiting


    Oh my god I apologize for being hard on you.

    You should have just told me you are ignorant and asked me to spell it out for you. No problem, I suspect many are ignorant.

    When a country spends hundreds of billions on wars and issues that are not benefiting its own citizens. Every single thing in that country begins to suffer.

    From Cooks, to ballet dancers.

    From construction workers to CIA analysts

    Everything is being devalued and cheapened when billions upon billions of dollars are spent on creating misery and suffering.


    IMAGINE billions for Medical bills

    Imagine billions for innovative research into new power technology.

    Imagine all that fucking money into farms and infrastructure and arts.

    can you even imagine
  8. the1


    That is the extent of your rebuttal?

  9. the1


    Ok, this is a much better rebuttal but you have to remember....the US is a Capitalist Economy (ok, maybe Corporatist). It isn't necessarily the job of the government to do all these things even though they are trying some of them. That's the job of the American man. Innovation in a capitalist society starts at the bottom, not the top. China is a communist country and the government has their hands in everything. Where would the world be if America had not come online? My guess is we wouldn't be using iPods or cell phones yet.

  10. Superfly


    Have you even read the US Constitution?
    Where does it say that the government have to pay for medical bills or ballet? If you dont like how the tax money is being spent why not write your representative? Do you think the Chinese that have mud for dinner can write to the communist party to ask for meals instead of ballet subsidies?
    Cant you pay for medical insurance? Dont have the money to invest in a venture capital fund? Go out and work, but stop wasting our time here.
    Please grow up.
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