Have $25K.......Best way to begin learning to trade it

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  1. I have $25K sitting in a checking account that only earns about 4% a month that I would like to start trading with at some point in the future. I am new to all kinds of trading and need to learn everything. Here's a bit of info on me that maybe would help in what direction you should think I should go toward:

    1. I have a lot of time on my hands as I am in real estate in which I only need to dedicate about 10 hours a week.

    2. My wife and I each have Roth IRAs that we contribute the max each year that have been doing 20+% in international funds.

    3. I have a degree in statistics and minor in mathematics.

    There seem to be a few/some knowledgable traders who make a living around here from what I have read so far, and I would be interested in any advice on the best way to get my feet wet. Do I go toward options and read McMillan & Natenberg, do I find a mentor for daytrading stocks, futures??????

    I am open to all constructive ideas and thoughts.......
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    I started by paper trading. I'm trading live now, and there are significant differences between the two, as I expected, but I'd suggest at least being profitable on paper first!

    Start with that. Make a trading journel, and keep learning from there. :)
  3. That's too bad you are only getting 4% a month on your money.

    I say, ADD MORE to it!, and forget about trading.

  4. If you can find a mentor, that would be an awsome way for you to start a trading career. If your gonna just trade your self, don't commit 25k, if you do than your asking for losses. Practice on a simulator with good quality data feeds, make sure you manage your risk.
  5. I'm sure he meant per year :p. at 4% a month, thats 60% a year compounded annually, I'd quit trading and sit on my ass all day sippin on martinis.
  6. 1) spend a few months reading all the major trading books.

    2) trying to decide what product(s) and what time frame you want to trade.

    3) find the best trader from number 2 above and beg him/her to mentor you, even if it requires paying for the mentorship.
  7. Your best bet is if you are willing to teach a trader how you earn a living working 10 hours per week in real-estate, or some other such skillset that produces a steady revenue stream or results in a new career, you might be able to strike a reciprocal arrangement.
  8. Yes, 4% a year (about $100 a month).
    I'm not even sure who to beg (as a mentor) as being new to trading - my guesses on who is good may not even be right.

    I believe I ultimately want to position trade, not day trade. Any suggestions on a mentor to beg. You can PM me if need be.
  9. I could do that.
  10. How do you only work 10 hours a week in RE and make a living?

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