Have 20k? Start HFT

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by bathrobe, Jun 29, 2010.

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    i hear the old guy from the movie wall street saying "There's no such thing as easy money, kid."
  3. He was an old man from an old movie.
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    did you notice in the slides they were using Think or Swim.....I am sure TOS is great but I don't know about that
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    "This article is great. Its so simple. Please write others like:
    1. How to Build your own rocket ship and go to the moon.
    2. How to cure cancer in 25 minutes. "
  6. just an ad for those pimps at lime, who are trying to suck in as many fools as possible before they get shut down
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    I actually think that it's too late to get into the HFT game - it's getting arbed too much and the returns are really coming off the past several months.
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    Well one of the bigger HFT firms, TradeBot, started with 10k in a 1 bedroom apt. in Kansas
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    Well, Lime is owned by Tower Research Capital. The clients are subsidizing their own slippage on HFT - if they can arb it to zero plus a very, very small fraction, how is Joe Schmo going to do it?
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    What a ridiculous article. You need at LEAST a weekend course to learn HFT or a meet up with friends in NYC.
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