Have $10,000 & Series 7 - EchoTrade...no answer!

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Glutton, Aug 21, 2002.

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    Need a recommendation. Have $10,000 to put in. Would like 4-5x BP. Have Series 7 and live in PA. Prefer to "remote-trade."

    Read many good things about Echo...called 8:50 AM Wednesday morning. No answer on any ext. Called again around 5:15 PM and again no answer. Don't like that. Used to trade with MBT and I guess I'm used to people being in the office when the market is OPEN.

    Any suggestions?


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    what is echo trade like? I know they have any office with them. do they require you to put up any capital? any training?
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    Yo slump do a search on Echo, sit back, read, and enjoy. No need for us to go thru all of that again right? WHen you are done and have learned all you can about Echo, thank Baron for the search function.
  6. Glutton,
    what time zone are you in?
    Also, since the merger with VB many phone numbers have been changed. The website has probably not been updated because it's not really a priority....which is a good thing IMO.
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    I'm on the East coast. New York time Zone. Thanks for that point. I'll try again.

    Baron - Thanks for the search function.

    Was hoping to find more "up to date" info. on Echo/Van Buren.

  8. you could be walking around lucky and not even no it!!!!!!!!
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    take a look at andover.
  10. Call Cash Coyne, our remote manager, and tell him about yourself, and call me on Monday to discuss the lower cash entry. We are here all the time, and glad to help!!

    I'll PM you...

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