Hats off to Greece!

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  1. I have been a very very vocal critic of Greece and how I thought they were incapable of tightening their belt. Well I stand corrected!

    Greece from what I see I have to say, “thank-you you are showing the kind of metal you are made off. As a Eurozone citizen I am impressed and will support you to the teeth.”

    People are still sceptical and think Germany will hemm and haw on this. Folks you don’t understand Germans. If Germans can push their point across and the other side is in an agreement there is no debate or hesitation from a German. Germans are very principle driven and thus so long as Greece fulfills its end of the deal (which I am becoming very convinced of) why second guess Greece? At a certain point of time you have say, “I trust you and will believe that you will do what is right”. You can’t second guess and say this is only a trick.

    And I take my hat off to the Greek prime minister Papandreou. You have been thrown into one of the most difficult positions that a politician can face. You have to do the hard job that politicians like to weasel out of. Thus my hat is off to you!

    Good luck Greece!
  2. lets see if the people of greece accept that austerity measures agreed upon by their leaders and the EC/ECB/IMF.

    it could trigger chaotic civil unrest as the most affected by the draconian policies are the lower classes, i.e. 23% vat, wages cuts for public servants and pension cuts. they might come to the conclusion the bail out is protecting the established elites while pounding on the masses.

    a downward spiral to violence with political implications is not out of the equation. after all, if the majority of greeks dont agree with how the austerity plan is devised, the government would have to step down.
  3. Ok so the people demonstrate complain yell and scream. What else are they going to do?

    People will come to their senses at the end of the day...

    I have seen it several times that when people are confronted with the reality they first get angry, vent, and then accept their predicament...
  4. People will freak out at first. Some may even resort to violence, but most will just tap into that wonderful attritube that has allowed the human species to survive....adapting to change.

    Over throwing the gov't, which could happen I suppose, wouldn't change anything. People in Greece would just live at a lower standard with a new gov't. They have no ability to change that. It is what it is.
  5. Delta


    I am in total agreement with the view that Greece will finally put her "house in order".

    Aside from a very strong motive called "no choice", I very much with agree with Christian that the new government under PM Papandreou is thoroughly and unquestionably commited to the drastic measures and "system changes".

    Certainly there will be alot of screaming by some people, that is to be expected. There will be some strikes as well, in the next fews days. Beyond that, I expect that the new austere and much needed measures will be "digested" and accepted by the vast majority of citizens.

    Even just prior to the announcement of the austerity measures, the polls were showing the majority of the people accepting the need for the draconian changes.

    I think Greece will pull it off faster and better, than most experts/analysts expect. Some betting against Greece should hedge their bets...

    So in the spirit that Christian set forth: good luck Greece!

  6. European sense of humanity: Basically good (death penalty bad)

    American sense of humanity: Basically bad (death penalty necessary)

    Watch the level of the riots escalate :D Any bets on when Europe reinstates the death penalty?

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  8. So Muslims are responsible for Greece's debt problem? They do get around and about don't they?

    There truly is some nonsense posted on ET.
  9. I think you fail to understand the import of my post! Greece ~GDP/person = $32,000. "Bail out" ~= $11,000/Greek. What I am saying...in spite of the fact that the "bail out" is roughly equivalent to 1/3 of the average Greek's earnings for a year...this is the smallest of Europe's problems. The bigger of Europe's problems is that it is turning into a Moslem caliphate!. That FACT alone will reduce "Europe" "beloved Europe" the "precious" ECU to a dung heap is monumental...oh, yeah, you can try to ignore the BIGGER THINGS...just try to ask one of the European posters here to discredit what I posted. I REALLY REALLY feel for Europe, but to me to see Europe as some place of future growth...as it becomes a Moslem caliphate...hardly!!!! Not a single non-Moslem European poster here would have ANYTHING to do with such a post...I am SORRY FOR THEM!!! Are you European? If you are...you sure are in denial!!!

  10. Can you use facts instead of spewing? Because this is spewing. After the topic was Greece... And if you feel the Muslims are a threat to the Europe, good for you. BUT START YOUR OWN THREAD ok...
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