Hateful things from the Left

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  1. "The “T” word and other hateful things from the Left

    Same hate, different group.

    Today the radical Left is using the derogatory term “tea-bagger”, a slur with deviant sexual connotations, to marginalize and demean their opponents, much like the Democrats used the “n” word back when they controlled southern politics and men like George Wallace provided leadership. (See The Astonishing History of Democrat Racism)


    Remember how the “n” word was used to verbally castigate those they didn’t like: black or white? Just about any negative adjective would precede the “N” word to give it a little extra punch in the gut: stupid, lying, no-good, evil, lazy, and shiftless were some of the favorites. Pretty much anything that described the individual as not fit for decent society would do. One has to be dehumanized before you treat them inhumanly. Just ask the Jews.

    Same story, different actors.

    When the Left uses “Tea-Bagger”, it is not by accident. It is quit purposeful and their aim is to set themselves above and apart from their political rivals, much like the above poster attempted to do a century ago. Notice how the Democratic Platform is represented by civilized, sophisticated, respectable whites. The Republican Platform is represented by… well, the poster speak for itself.

    It all starts by stereotyping and labeling people groups. Those who are quick to do it post Civil Rights may surprise you. Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) recently called on the media to investigate those “tea-baggers”. “I want those people talked to; I want them interviewed.” Why doesn’t she talk to them herself? Why doesn’t she meet with some of their leaders and try to understand them and to learn what motivates their activism? Because she has already made a decision about them. “Those people” disagree with her and so in her mind they must be stupid or racist or worse. Either way, they are different. She has labeled them and made them into “others.”

    Same prejudice, different words.


    Prejudice – An adverse judgment or opinion formed beforehand or without knowledge of the facts; any preconceived opinion or feeling about others.

    Here are some of the names used to describe conservative protesters by those who claim to be enlightened and champions of justice: Heirs of Bin-Laden, Anti-Democratic Forces of Hate, Brain Dead, Functionally Retarded, Neanderthals, Un-American, False-Witnesses, Political Terrorist, Right Wing Thugs, Radical Fringe, Nazi’s, Brown Shirts, Racist, Klu-Klux-Klan, Angry Mobs, Evil-Mongers, Fear Mongers & Demagogues, Loonies, Idiots, Stupid, Prefab Right Wing Mobs

    How are these slurs different than kike, honky, slut, gook, faggot, blanket-ass, or wet-back? Are political slurs exempt from civil human interaction and debate?

    Spend a few minutes on some of the Lefts popular blogs. You’ll read some of the most hateful, unbelievably nasty comments from their liberal readers. Some of their comments would make a Klansman blush.

    Same plot, different act.

    Democrats celebrate the fact that, despite their history, they have the majority of the black vote. This is true. But pay attention to what they call blacks who vote Republican, espouse conservative political views, or heaven forbid, denounce their liberals social agendas. The racial epitaphs start flying.


    Hopefully one day society will look upon words like tea-bagger and other political slurs with the same moral outrage that spawned the new era of civil rights. Maybe then they will speak of the “T” word because to say it out loud, or to type it out on a page will just be too offensive. That day will never come as long as the radical Left is in power."

  2. Yeah let's bring 19th century politics here. Modern day democratic party has very little in common with democratic party of 19th century (other than name) same thing for Republican party. They inverted their beliefs.

    Even Civil War did not make democratic party 100% racist, southern democrats left the building altogether with secessionism while northern democrats stayed.

    The reason the left calls those people teabaggers is because those morons themselves created a sexual slur as their name and to point out their extreme stupidity the left continues to refer to them as such.
  3. Did you vote for george w. bush twice?
  4. Please cite the source.

    BTW - you missed the point of the article.
  5. Huh? Do you get anything right, ever? They called their protests "Tea Parties" which has a deep historic meaning in the US. Do you know what the meaning is, or what it is in reference to? The "teabagger" label was a label applied by left news anchors and talk show hosts.
  6. They are totally up to date on all the homo slang. American history? Not so much.
  7. Tea Party in Boston had no pictures of TEABAGS associated with it. Back in the day people used to brew their tea instead of dipping a tea bag into water. Just a thought.
  8. "Just a thought."

    Why would the klannish be interested in a thought when their beloved talking heads tell them all they need to think...

  9. Why would anyone be interested in Ishopatpubic's thoughts, other than a psychiatrist taking a charity case??
  10. Did a slight bit of symbolism go right over your head, Pubix?
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