Hateful gay supporter bullies Chick-fil-a Clerk

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  1. She was just doing her job and this douchebag goes spouting his hate filled message.

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/Jg-jzlWcc0E" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  2. jem


    the way he ended that video was such a joke.

    after being totally intolerant a liberals then ends his video saying hey I am a nice guy.

    Look...leftists ... if you are going to act like a grumpy self serving sob... that is your right..., but stop being so two faced.

    When it comes to moral values you do not have the high ground.
    You are not tolerant (of others beliefs.)
    And you are not pro human rights (when you support a womens right to kill humans.)

    As a group you are just as selfish and self serving as all those on the other side of your pet issues.

    Disclaimer... there are truly selfless people on both sides.
  3. Yeah, he knew he came off as an asshole, but because she didnt respond with the same hate he gave to her(something I'm sure he was hoping for) he felt like he had to say he was really a nice guy. I'm just surprised this guy didnt watch the video of himself before he uploaded it, but then again...maybe did. Liberals can rarely see the consequences of their actions until its too late.
  4. What a fucking douchebag. Well we can always hope next time he is high or drunk and loses control crashing into that group of college students, maiming some like minded, anti First Amendment assholes, then gets thrown in max security prison.. where he gets to experience the very thing he was 'defending' himself.

    How awesome would that be? I know, I know only in a perfect world i guess. *frowns*
  5. This is a video about a guy in a car full of hate and intolerance.
  6. The guy says he's "totally hetero-sexual" near the end of the tape.

    :D :D :D

    Who in the hell does he think he's kidding?
    Certainly not me, I know for a fact he's a catcher if I've ever seen one.
  7. I think that actually says something about the morality of homosexuality. Deep in his mind, he knows its an immoral shameful thing and nobody wants to be seen as an immoral shameful person. I've even seen homosexuals go around calling straight people gay because they know its a shameful insult. If it was not shameful, they would not say it. I mean, you never see a straight guy try to insult a homosexual by calling him straight.

    I have a feeling that the only reason this guy went to chick-fil-a(and filmed himself) was because he thought he would get tons of support and maybe people would look at him like some kind of honorable human rights activist, but instead the opposite happened.
  8. Welcome back to the Victorian period, man what a narrow minded twit. Even worse than Mitt the Twit. What is it with all the fear of gay people? Hidden tendencies? Just come out of the closet and see the light.
  9. Nah , he just thinks it's better to pretend he's a disinterested neutral party which absolves him of bad manners .
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