Hate to be the grim reaper but are looking at a possible depression

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    I hate to be the grim reaper but how many people on this site think we may be looking at a possible depression.

    I hate to think it could happen....but I think it may.

    We could see a stock market crash along with the mortgage/banking/real estate crash. I mean how hard is our economy going to get hit it it we have two crashes
  2. I got one word for you. Goldilocks!! :D :D :D

    I dont know what that Kudlow means by it, but I know that its his answer to everytime the market is down.
  3. couldn't you have posted this before the short covering/dead cat bounce ended?
  4. 2 weeks ago, a relative's financial planner told her the investments are safer than her bank accounts at BofA.
  5. Considering BOA's financial dealings and assumption of countrywide, that might not be an incorrect statement...:eek: :eek:
  6. ahhh man....

    everything is fine....
  7. source for that Chart---disturbing if independently verifiable data wise!
  8. contrary investor . com
  9. oh forgot the question..... the source is
  10. Depression?

    How many of you who call for a depression truly understand what happen in 29? All three key elements.

    It doesn't take an MBA from University Of Chicago to laugh at such a prediction. Hell, Columbia and Harvard MBAs are laughing as well.

    What we have un-winding is a pure class transfer. That is correct, the middle class will be much poor and the Smart will be rich and the Wealthy, they continue.

    This is a shaking of the Global "I WANA ROLL" tree.

    Things are going to be very hard in the coming years for the majority of the Sheeople for sure. but a Depression? Not in my life time.

    IMHO this will be one of the deepest and hardest Recessions in the History of the nation. May even be one of the longest thus, the having the "laypeople or sheeople to call it a "Depression".

    But all in all, we will not even be close to a DEPRESSION.
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