Hate Speech or Common Sense?

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    as far as i know the italian movement was first, but hitler was by
    far more "successful". and he quickly became the leading force. in
    the beginning he tried to impress mussolini, but later on he had
    to bail him out of his military desasterous adventures. like with
    the greek if i am right on that.
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  2. correct. but it was mussolini then that wanted to impress hitler, he even made a parade of our forces and to make em look bigger he ordered the same tanks to circle the piazza over and over so that hitler thought we had a huge army that infact we had not...that's why he gave the go ahead to invade russia...and we know how disasterous that adventure proved to be.
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    that is the italian! even their fascism has this subversive, chaotic
    element, with this divine comedy touch. i mean when i think
    about the guy doing the parade, it is roberto benigni, parading
    with huge grin, then rushing round the corner for the next round,
    this time with a cruel frown.
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