Hate Speech or Common Sense?

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  1. italy is a much better place right now and it was the other way around anyways, hitler followed mussolini: he was his inspiration.
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  2. What does that mean, when they had no identity? (And this was back in the 30s (presumably), and you were mature enough at the time to note it and you now recall it? How old are you?)
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    Of course not. Not unless you want your country transformed in their image.

    In most cases, yes.

    Of course not. Its called self preservation and common sense.

    Look at violent crime in Canada - specifically Southern Ontario. Provincial and municipal police have commented off record the vast majority of murders committed in Toronto are perpetrated by those of Jamaican orgin....

    Toss up.

    Courting millions of poor, sick and uneducated immigrants will put enormous strain on the countrys social services - rolling back our standard of living and bringing us down to near second world status.

    Research the proposed North American Union - no borders between the US, Canada and Mexico.

    Our social system will get blown apart along with Americas middle class.
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  4. I'm curious, just which "values" are you referring to? Are my values the same as yours, or do we agree that everyone should be allowed to have their own values? I love America, I care about my fellow man, etc., as I'm sure you do. We may not agree on a few other values, however.

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  5. Wow. This is very interesting. So you say Mussolini was making war
    before Hitler?

    I need to go back to my history books...
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  6. I have always thought that Mussolini was following in Hitler's footsteps.

    And no, I was not old enough at the time to know what Italy was like back then...:)
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  7. Then too you wouldn't have recognized it and ridiculed all those who warned you. It was very hard for the average German or Italian to recognize that the dangers that destroyed their country came from within.
    Even the intelectual elite underestimated the problem. So did the British and the French.
    So for someone of your caliber.... no, I don't think so.

    In fact, you'd probably been sent to the east-front in the last fresh regiment that was affordable with the men remaining.

    Remember I warned you, when you're roll-call comes and you're flown to North-Korea.

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  8. It seems to have come down to who can outfuck who. And the ignorant masses will win this contest. It bodes ill for the future of civilization and our species.

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  9. man


    do more of this, heyman. just some more. expose yourself, make
    your point clear. in short: elaborate. or are you one of the smart
    order, hiding well in the dark, creeping out just a little at anyone
    point in time?

    and, where does this "recovery" exactly lead to? an america for
    the americans? the christian americans? the clean, good, hard
    working americans? with their women at home, near the stove?
    children working hard to "make it" in sports, so that daddy can
    be proud of 'em? movies with "real" topics? good art without all
    this modern nonsense, but pictures of beauty, dignifying the
    body? or nature?

    heymen, see, you are so ... interesting ...
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  10. man


    there is a necessary limit of freedom to speak in my eyes. i am not
    happy about it, but it is necessary to protect the freedom to speak
    itself. unfortunately. these nazi guys are out of the spectrum.
    any human spectrum. they are ill stupid individuals, most of them
    male with sexual and emotional deficits ... like the demons they
    adore. they lack most of all ... love. and place hatred instead of
    it to compensate.
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