Hate speech from Christian Right Wing Extremists

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  1. Hecklers harass families of US soldiers killed in Iraq
    Mar 12 7:21 AM US/Eastern

    Five women sang and danced as they held up signs saying "thank God for dead soldiers" at the funeral of an army sergeant who was killed by an Iraqi bomb.

    For them, it was the perfect way to spread God's word: America was being punished for tolerating homosexuality.

    For the hundreds of flag waving bikers who came to this small town in Michigan Saturday to shield the soldier's family, it was disgusting.

    "That could be me in that church," said Jackie Sandler whose son Keith is currently serving his second tour of duty in Iraq.

    The fringe group of fire and brimstone Baptists from Kansas has been courting controversy for more than 15 years, traveling the country with their hateful signs and slogans.

    The Westboro Baptist Church first gained national notoriety when they picked the funeral of Matthew Shepard, a Wyoming student who was murdered in 1998 for being gay.

    They have since picketed the funerals of Frank Sinatra and Bill Clinton's mother, celebrated the terrorist attacks of September 11 as an act of God's wrath, and have even targeted Santa Claus and the Ku Klux Klan.

    But it was the callousness and cruelty of harassing the grieving families of soldiers at dozens of funerals across the country that has sparked a grassroots movement of bikers determined to drown out the jeers and taunts.

    In Flushing, Michigan they turned their leather-clad backs to the five women and held flags and tarps up so that mourners walking past wouldn't see the signs saying "God hates fags," "fag vets" and "America is doomed."

    Many found it hard to hide their anger when Margie Phelps, the daughter of Westboro's founder, called out "All this for little old us? Oh, you shouldn't have. I feel so special," before she started singing "the Pope, the Pope, the Pope is on fire. He don't get no water let the heretics burn" in front of a Catholic church.

    The glee with which the women hurled insults made John Franklin, 64, sick to his stomach.

    "This guy's family deserves a peaceful funeral. It's not right what they're doing," said Franklin, who fought in the Vietnam War. "The only reason they're able to walk around like that is because the veterans fought for their freedom."

    While Westboro's congregation remains stable at around 100 people - most of whom are the extended family of founder Fred Phelps - the ranks of the Patriot Guard Riders has swelled to more than 16,000 in just a few months.

    The protests come at a time when many Americans think the war in Iraq was a mistake but are anxious to show their support for the troops.

    Four states have enacted legislation barring protests at funerals and a dozen more are in the process of introducing bans. But it is unlikely that the bans will stand up to legal challenge.

    The group is careful to protest in public spaces and is well aware of its constitutional rights - 11 of Phelps' 13 children are lawyers.

    "This nation is poised to trash the first amendment just to stop my preaching," Fred Phelps said in a telephone interview. "I'm kind of honored."

    Phelps said he and his congregants are targeting the funerals because God's way of punishing an "evil nation" of "fags and fag enablers" is to "pick off its children."

    "I don't have any sympathy for these parents. They're all going to hell," Phelps said. "The family's in pain because they haven't obeyed the Lord God."

    The group is so outrageous that some among the extreme-right have speculated that Phelps is a plant aimed at giving the anti-gay movement a bad name, said Mark Potok, the director of the intelligence project at the Southern Poverty Law Center which tracks hate crimes.

    "I don't think they have any constituency beyond their own members - even the Nazis aren't interested," he said.

    Phelps' virulence and frequently graphic condemnations of anal sex could mask a deeper issue than a radically literal interpretation of the Bible, Potok speculated.

    "This man probably thinks more about gay sex than any other person in the United States of America and one can only guess at what that means," he said. "Many of the most homophobic people are deeply afraid that they might be gay."

  2. I always thought that religion was so perverse because of the ways it prepares people for death. To live in fear of that judgment is awful. I always think of my grandmother's last words, simply "thank you". Thank you for a good life, and thank you for whatever death brings me.

    By removing the fear of death, one can live a full life. Someone should kindly ask Fred Phelps how a God should judge him.
  3. religion is the opium of the masses.
    communist manfiesto.
  4. jem


    this guys a nutbag. zzzs article called him fringe. He is not christian right wing he is fringe.
  5. Let us watch more of their twisted logic.


    Change Middle East to the Southern Bible belt

    Fundamentalist muslim to Fundamentalist Evangelical Christian

    These guys could very well be Jerry Falwell or Pat Robertson.
  6. He is Christian. He is right wing. He is an extremist. He is a fringe element.

    All fact....

  7. Right Wint Christian Extrimists don't fly palenes into buildings full of civilans, don't take children hostages in schools, don't blow up commuters on trains and don't cut off heads.

    Only degenerate liberals equivocate fundamentalist Christians to fundamentalist muslims.

    <img src="http://www.ogrish.com/archives/2005/october/ogrish-dot-com-three_teenagers_beheaded_in_indonesia1.jpg">

    On the other hand we all know that communists killed 100 million people and are continuing their genocide in North Korea and Columbia among other countries.
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    Right-wing Christian extremists shoot doctors who perform abortions; blow up womens' health clinics and kill, among others, patients who are there for pre-natal care, not abortions; blow up government buildings with truck bombs; force young girls into polygamous marriages; burn crosses on the lawns of racial minorities they don't like; perform lynchings when they think they can get away with it; etc. Your ignorance is pathetic.
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    Can't we all agree that all extremists are bad? What's the point to furthering this debate?
  10. jem


    Right-wing Christian extremists shoot doctors who perform abortions; blow up womens' health clinics and kill, among others, patients who are there for pre-natal care, not abortions; How many times has this happened in history.

    Is it fair to label these nuts christian when Christian's do not condone these actions.

    These were also americans, male, human, white. Why not pin these crimes on the whole human race.
    blow up government buildings with truck bombs;

    same argument as above.

    force young girls into polygamous marriages;

    No Christian group I know does this.

    burn crosses on the lawns of racial minorities they don't like;
    well you are getting a little closer -- but burning crosses is not a christian deal.

    perform lynchings when they think they can get away with it; etc. see above
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