Hate crime charges in NYC taxi driver stabbing

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  1. A Brewster man was charged with a hate crime for asking a taxi driver if he was a Muslim before stabbing him multiple times.

    Police say 21-year-old Michael Enright was charged with attempted murder as a hate crime.

    According to authorities, Enright hailed yellow cab at the intersection of Second Avenue and East 24th Street at 6:14 p.m. Tuesday. While traveling northbound, he reportedly asked the cab driver, "Are you Muslim?"

    Police say Enright then pulled out a leatherman knife and attacked the driver, described as a 43-year-old man of Asian descent.

    He stabbed the driver at least five times, in the throat, right arm, left forearm, thumb and upper lip.

    The driver managed to keep control of the vehicle and lock the passenger in the back of the cab.

    He pulled over at Third Avenue and East 40th Street and called 911. Police arrived and took Enright into custody.

    The driver was taken to Bellevue Medical Center for treatment of his injuries. Enright was also taken there for psychatric evaluation.

    Enright is also charged with assault with a weapon as a hate crime, harassment as a hate crime and criminal possession of a weapon, in addition to the attempted murder charge.

    Police say that although Enright was obviously intoxicated, he attacked only after the cab driver confirmed he was Muslim. That led them to the bias crime determination.

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    Obviously it's time to implement nation wide knife control.
    To include ANYTHING with a sharp edge on it.
    It's the only way.
  3. No doubt FOX taught him everything he knows.
  4. OOORRR maybe he was simply robbing a cabbie, and since 95% of cabbies in NYC are moose limbs, he ended up robbing/attacking a moose limb. It most likely had nothing to do with hating moose limbs, and everthing to do with robbing a cabbie.

  5. OOOR Your're full of shite, which is the more likely senario.
  6. Yes, yes a cabbie gets robbed it MUST be racism!! It MUST be about ethnic hatred if a cabbie gets robbed!!! You're right commrade omarxistpoint!!!

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    The fact that there are laws pertaining to "hate" crimes is a proposterous notion.

    Why should one persons life be worth more than another persons life in the eyes of the law?
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    By the way how come Slate does not have an article wondering what did the Muslims do to the Enrights of the world that provoked this kind of anger?

    Why isnt the liberals explaining that the victims culture may have provoked a sense of powerlessness in this man and his only outlet being hate crimes?

    Where are the liberal defense lawyers on T.V. wondering if the economic environment or parental environment of this man caused him to be out of control.
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