hate crime bill

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  1. the righteous conservatives voted against the bill.
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    That is correct!
  3. this proves once and for all that the republicans party is run by racist rednecks motherf......
  4. Hate crime laws are bad law.
    An act is either a crime or it isn't.
  5. Once again, you're wrong. Actually, you're wrong more than most posters on this site.
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    .... if it were not for the Republican party, you might still be in chains.

    It's perplexing when the left attempts to cast Republicans as racists. There are no more racist people than Democrats.

    The Republicans and the Civil War

    ......... diverse elements here and there to fuse into organizations which sometimes bore the awkward designation of "anti-Nebraska" parties, but which soon came to be known as the "Republican" party. There has been some dispute as to the exact time and place where the party was "born." Coalition movements of a similar sort were afoot in many parts of the country at about the same time, and such a dispute is of little importance. The name Republican was adopted at a mass meeting on July 6, 1854, at Jackson, Michigan; prior to this, however, while the repeal of the Missouri compromise was pending in Congress, a similar mass meeting at Ripon, Wisconsin, had resolved that in the event of such repeal old party organizations would be discarded and a new party would be built "on the sole issue of the non-extension of slavery."


    Black Republicans

    From 1854, when the Republican Party was founded, Democrats labeled it adherents "black" Republicans to identify them as proponents of black equality. During the 1860 elections Southern Democrats used the term derisively to press their belief that Abraham Lincoln's victory would incite slave rebellions in the South and lead to widespread miscegenation. The image the term conveyed became more hated in the South during Reconstruction as Radical Republicans forced legislation repugnant to Southerners and installed Northern Republicans or Unionists in the governments of the former Confederate states.
    Source: "Historical Times Encyclopedia of the Civil War"

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    Apparently it's often not such a crime when the perp is White and the victim isn't.

    In 1988 a teenaged punkass racist sack of dogshit named Mark Wahlberg launched an unprovoked attack on an Asian American business owner, costing him one of his eyes. Actually this was Wahlberg's second attack on an Asian man that night, having previously broken a club over the head of the first victim.

    For both of these heinous crimes, the future "Marky Mark" served a grand total of 45 days in jail.

    Is there any reasonable doubt that if some Asian teenaged punkass racist sack of dogshit had put out an eye of some innocent White man that the sentence would have been significantly longer than a month and a half?

    Marky Mark has gone on to fame and fortune in no small part thanks to the facts that he is White and his victims weren't. He is on record saying that he "has paid" for his crimes.


  8. "The South Shall Rise Again"....CSA General Joe Shelby
  9. The South definitely needs to rise off its lazy ass.
  10. We don't want your filth and liberalism.....go fuk yourself
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