hate all this prayer crap

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  1. oh, no...the nonsense continues.......

    Just heard on TV a relative/friend of the black woman POW that was rescued. Her point was basically that it is absurd to say "god" did not have a role to play in her rescue BECAUSE SHE WAS CAPTURED AND RETURNED ON A SUNDAY. ROFL

    F. P.
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  2. You'd like to think so. :-/

    F. P.
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    says who, you? or did someone tell you so?
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    I AM HUGE!!
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    wooo... and He actually spoke to little ol' me. I am blessed indeed. FRuiTY/Mr.M , May I ask...You're not God by any chance? Going off the requirements demanded by religious prayer, it seems you could well be. It's just that I don't believe in ass kissing but I could come around to AWESOME.

    ps. is Alice really Jesus then?
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  7. No...Alice is the whore who washed Jesus' feet with her hair and some oil!!!
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    THEN YOU MUST BE A DISCIPLE TO KNOW THAT. now we are getting places. So then after the passing of millennia this god thing is starting to unfurl, like the skins of a HUGE onion. (Do we do veggie or only meat/cheese?)
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  9. ktm


    Maybe religion is a "strength/weakness" thing.

    I'm at a funeral of a relatively close friend who died suddenly and prematurely not long ago. I am certainly more upset than most there, yet not as close to the guy. I am not a religious person and they are.

    I guess my feeling is that this is IT. He's dead. It's over. Worm food, done. Someday I'll be worm food too. All the preachers and others are talking about being reunited with others who have died and how one day we will all be reunited with him too. To me this is like something from South Park. What are you people talking about?

    Part of my theory is that since we humans are so weak, that we cannot accept death and other unpleasantries that occur throughout our lifetimes - like losing friends/relatives or having a relative become a POW or get killed or whatever. So we have this religious story that we tell "to make things all better." That gives people the strength to carry through. God gets credit for all the good things and the bad things are relegated to "God works in mysterious ways."

    It's weird to me. I can't even pretend.

    If I am a POW, I am hoping Joey Gambatzi is now in the special forces to come rescue my captured ass. The market works in mysterious ways.
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  10. ktm


    I have been a medic for a number of years at a local fire dept. Just once, I have wanted to walk up to an accident with multiple people trapped and ask loudly... "those of you waiting for God to extricate you from this wreckage, please moan."

    God has not arrived yet, but we have cleared a lane through traffic and left him a parking spot right up front.
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