hate all this prayer crap

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  1. If you get rid of your religion BS and accept a more scientific understanding, you will appreciate life EVEN MORE THAN YOU DO WITH RELIGION. I am not at all religious and I have a profound understanding of my life and that of those around me. I don't eat meat and try not to kill any living things because I know this is their one shot, too. Their life is all they have, why would I ruin it for them? I wouldn't want a human to kill me if I was a cow.

    You know what really bugs me? We Americans hate that the Iraqis would torture and execute our soldiers, yet then we eat meat and step on bugs. The cows that you eat are probably tortured and executed. If you're religious, life is so precious, why are you so cruel to non-humans? I suppose it stems from the TERRIBLE concept suggested by religion that EVERYTHING IS HERE FOR US. SO UNTRUE!!!! It started with the idea that the Sun revolves around the Earth. It implies God set up everything FOR US. Realize that you are just one animal living on Earth among other animals. While you are alive, try to make the best of it. Your death is the same as that of ants that you step on.

    The odds may be extremely small that we exist in the form we do, but there is life all over the planet. It's hard to find a place on Earth where life does not exist. There is probably life all over the universe. How can ANYONE say aliens don't exist WHEN WE'RE LIVING PROOF THEY CAN! We're here! How can you be so obtuse as to think it's not possible. You are freaking alive on planet Earth, right now. That alone should tell you life is possible in the universe. Knowing the universe is as huge as it is, life is probably all over the place.

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  2. Although harsh, the below statement is TRUE. For you religious people, which of the two possibilities applies to you?
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    FRuiTY dude.... I don't agree. You don't HAVE to be brainwashed or a moron to believe in God. What a stupid statement. I would enquire if silencenow has to be a moron, brainwashed or otherwise, to come up with that? (I know fer a fact that you ain't)

    A belief in God (whatever whoever that is) can be argued to be irrational illogical irrelevent superstitious childish etc etc but anyone can be some or all of those without having to be a moron of the "fuckin" type or any other..

    A person of subnormal intelligence (moron) may be of the type who only puts forward abusive and objectionable diatribe in place of reasoning (you know ...like thunderbolt :) and in doing so hinders progress by discussion.phuc that idea pal!!
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  4. OK, stu, I agree with you. I guess it depends on what you think a "moron" is. I used silencenow's term in a somewhat jokingly way (maybe he did, too); not necessarily by definition. You are correct. :cool:

    F. P.
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  5. no, actually everything is so clear to you "believers" you won't listen to reason.

    rlb, enjoyed the hell out of your post. LOL.
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  6. I pray to Joey, goes he gets things done

    gee sys this one made me laugh!

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    I may have overreacted FRuiTY, I tend to do that when I am anxious. You see I am getting ready for easter here and not happy with my fluffy bunny costume. Be honest...do YOU think my bum looks big in it? My ears too floppy?

    Lundy, puleeze!
    Come on now Lundy, says who, you? or did someone tell you so? There is no reason for you not to be mistaken.
    I don't understand you. So then, those who serve Him do get to live in only pleasure or only pain? If pleasure do you mean the self gratifying contentment of knowing you are never mistaken? If pain why? Just why would a loving anything subject pain on anything?
    This "living in a world of duality" (whatever that is supposed to mean) is not experienced if you are a god follower? Eh?
    Cause & Effect.Don't you have to at least logically demonstrate what the Cause is before you can assertion if the effect was the result of it?
    So a god fearing cancer sufferer doesn't suffer (get trapped by!?) cancer because they believe in God ?! Are you sure you are not mistaken ? Simple Observation suggests you definitely are.Perhaps they mistakenly reassure themselves that they are not.
    So hell is now a place where you damn well worship or you get the shit kicked out of you? .... or burned off, whatever. With the new and added ingredient of KARMA it appears hell is now whatever you want it to be.
    lonely is their existence?...lonely are they as death approaches says who, you? or did someone tell you this?
    In weakness folks turn to religion and so you suggest to combat their weakness they should get weaker again and throw out any remaining semblance of questioning reason, the very essence with which humanity makes progress and feels stronger by. Sounds more like a formula for wrecking yourself.
    what's on offer is definitely NOT unconditional love by any stretch of the imagination. Don't you have to worship and don't you go to hell if you don't? That is definitely NOT what unconditional anything is. It is certainly not love.
    with afriend like that who needs a...... moron??
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  8. GOD Bless You, Brother Fruity.... :D
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    It's worse..if it were not for Moses getting involved as God's PR advisor.... remember he had to persuade God not to keep smiting everyone in sight.... the Ten Commandments probably would not have convinced anyone without Moses's alterations ...God's original version...
    1. Kiss My ass and I'll see you ok when you are dead
    2. Do drugs in moderation
    3. Eat the stuff I tell you to
    4. Wash your hands after visiting the john
    5. Kiss My ass or I'll kick the shit out of you
    6. Don't do drugs
    7. Everything I say is right
    8. Kick the shit out of folks who aren't the same as you
    9. The moon is made of cheese
    10. I made this
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    All atheists become firm beleivers at the moment of death. :D

    For them, time/death, is God.
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