Hasn't Europe been in recession for at least 15 years?

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  1. Despite what numbers say, in Europe you work hard to drive to work...

    ... a bicycle!!!
    and not because of environmental concern, because of poverty.
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    LOL. Ive been to europe aroud 10 times. its a good place to visit, but wouldnt want to live there. I always wonder why all the europeans and canadians come here and just rip on america all the time. As bad as america is its still the best place for middleclass person to live in. My only fear is now that republicans have been more incompetant and corrupt than a 3rd world politicians there is going to be big movement towards socialism.
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    Hello Guys,
    I live in Europe and I go everyday to work by car.:)
    This is unfortunatelly for me, because in the good weather I'd prefer to go by bike. :cool:
  4. I have family in Bosnia and they all have cars and Bosnia is a poor country. They're not poor, just middle class, but they still do have cars.
  5. That's a load of crap, the UK's cost of living gets 5 points, most of Western Europe gets around 30 and even Zimbabwe gets 24.
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    Since when India is part of Europe???
  7. We are already Socialist. Republicans are boy scouts compared to the Democrats when it comes to corruption.

    How did Boy Clinton and his dumb ass Wife get $100 million after leaving office? Then claim to have given $10 million to the Clinton Foundation and call it charity.

    Lets not forget the pardon that Clinton sold to Marc Rich where Clinton's brother in law got a $400k legal fee out of it.

  8. More like Europe is part of India with all of the immigration.

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