Has Yahoo! Finance been stealing my information for years??

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Cabin111, Nov 30, 2019.

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    And NO, I'm not a conspiracy theorist. I am a value investor...Not great. Think of Berkshire Hathaway type of companies. Boring, dividend paying companies that are undervalued at the time (stable, but maybe a bad quarter). When I would add them to my list of possible investments at Yahoo!, within a few days the stock is up between 1-3%!! I would post them on my portfolio as I was about to pull the trigger on the stock...And hardly ever be able to pick up on a dip. I wonder why?? I am a small player, try to never have more than $20,000. in any one stock.

    A few years ago I stop this practice till I acquired the stock. I don't trust them (though I have stock in Verizon which owns Yahoo!). So do you think Yahoo people were taking my new adds to my portfolio and buying some stocks? Maybe have a program that would alert when a new stock was added?? They would then do some quick research and see if it was right for them. Could they have done this to hundreds of people?? Am I nuts?? Don't answer that!!
  2. You're retarded
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    You should add a poll to thread, with answers :

    A) yes they're stealing
    B) no they're not

    I would vote B.

    Most likely they have professional advisors on their teams, for stock picks, instead of random, low capital users.
    (even 1-10 mil of account capital, would fit into that category)

    Beside, i much rather see my stock up, after i enter, than down.

    Now this is for fun, don't get me serious Cabin -

    add to the poll, an additional answer :

    C) send them a latter, with the tittle : I demand commissions for using my IP.
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    Tesla stole my idea of an electric car almost 20 yrs ago. Amazon an online retailer stole my idea too.

    In seriousness though, I'm sure there's someone collecting browser search hits to gauge volume interest in stocks.
  5. gaussian


    Brilliant analysis. Why try to follow and copy trades from experts with market moving money when they could swindle a random piker instead! Especially when they have no stake in it. Just incredible. You should write a blog.
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    Yahoo? That's nothing. You should see what S&P has been doing to me for the last few decades. They all stand around literally waiting for my tiny little retail order. I click transmit and BOOM - bells go off all around the trading floor and they fade me and pound me mercilessly until I give up and reverse the order, then they do it again. Be glad they are only stealing your data and it's only Yahoo.
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    possible solution
  9. Cabin111


    Yeah, yeah...I knew I would get some of this. But I am talking like 5-15 years ago. You didn't have the lighting fast trades. Someone could write a program that just collected new adds on their profile. NOT CRAZY...I wonder how many people would love/loved to gain early info on Berkshire Hathaway, what they are/were looking at? And NO, I am not comparing myself to Warren. Who would have seen things like; GEICO, See's Candy, or BNSF coming. Especially BNSF...That one came out of nowhere!! A railroad...Are you serious...A railroad??

    My largest holding of stock is Royce Value Trust (RVT). I will look at their top 10 holding. See what they have added quarter to quarter. I will find one or two that look good (which I can option...Covered calls), and buy the stock. Find the people that do quality leg work and go with them. So If I do this with public information, why not have someone glean my info...

    And not saying they would run with it...Just saying they may chew on the info and MAYBE pull the trigger.
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    If you couldn't see how a railroad company would explode, no one's stealing your trades
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