has to be the most insane market ever

Discussion in 'Trading' started by iceman1, Jul 7, 2005.

  1. all-time high oil, interest rates raised multiple times, high deficit, and today... the apparent terrorist bombings... and alerts

    YET........ we are now almost HIGHER on the day, across the boards. How the F can you trade a market like this... that makes no fking sense. Wait... it does make sense... the tail is wagging the dog. The moves in these markets have nothing whatsoever to do with anything valuable... but rather it moves in accordance with the upcoming options expiry !!

    :p :D :eek:

    Guess the point is.... one can perform.... but it is becoming much harder as a position/swing trader... IMHO!

    IF anyone can makes sense of this... please stand up and take a bow!


    p.s. actually having a decent month, but... damn... it's exhausting!
  2. mhashe


    big mofos like Goldman manipulating the crap out of the market. Nonetheless holding my shorts overnite, watch them sell off tomorrow.
  3. The economic news today was pretty good actually. Retail firing on all cylinders.
  4. I was definatley not looking to sell or short.....DOW fell almost 100pts yesterday...then we get this huge gap down pre market... it looked like a rebound was comming....i will be long this market for 2 more weeks at least. Also my positions were holding steady....showing strengh
  5. EXACTLY. YESTERDAY's Price Action most telling......up till noon, mid-cap and small-cap indices were near ALL TIME HIGHS !!
    Then when crude refused to crater, the indices came off....
    but everything considered, it was a STRONG showing for the equity markets.
    Even today, "late shorts" getting pummelled. If you weren't short on the first bounce today, you're done.

    I don't know who is buying here....but does it really matter ?
  6. So what?

    What does retail mean?

    More consumer debt, bigger trade deficit and stronger China.

    I guess some market crooks will figure out a way to make all this look real good.

    Just like when Walmart report 5% increase in same store sales. So what! That's just *inflation* on their Chinese made garbage and the same for the rest of the retail bullshit. It's not *earnings*, it's inflated earnings.

  7. FredBloggs

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    just roll with it baby
  8. There you go Fred... As long as the market does not remain stagnant there is money to be made if you can swing to the rhythm of the charts :D

    The overnight gap down was scary though.

  9. Yes, I agree with all of that longer term. However, the timeframe we are looking at here is 1 day...:)

    Having said that, I do like the options expiry idea better.
  10. we should revisit the lows, this market is blind to the fact that this morning events have serious economic implications for the UK and the eurozone, thus the world economy. Die Hard bulls buying on the dip. Shorting doesn't pay these days.
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