Has there ever been a time in history..

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  1. ..when rich people didn't call all the shots and run everything?
  2. The slave revolt in Haiti. maybe

    It isn't that they call all of the shots ... just often the ones important enough to maintain rule.
    The rich have been trained as opportunists so typically they
    ride with the winner, curry favor and do business and gain territorial control.

    We ought to have listened to Thomas Jefferson's many warnings about bankers and their nature.
  3. Yes...America when it first became a country. Its only been the last 100 years or so that the rich started taking the country away from the citizens.
  4. Everyone wants to call the shots, its just that the rich get to do it.
  5. Yes right now. The current state of affairs is run by people with small weenies. People with no money but only the power to stop other people from doing whatever for the only reason is that they can.

    The rich are only jockeying for postion against these people.
  6. I respectfully disagree. Our Founding Fathers were all wealthy and well-bred. Doctors, lawyers from prestigious schools, inherited money, successful businessmen and so on.

  7. I also respectfully disagree with you. How many people with incomes under six-digits have benefited by the recent tidal wave of gov't bailout funds? I concede you the modest (by comparison!) bailout of the Auto industry and the home purchase rebate.

    If the average Goldman Sachs employee's compensation drops significantly over the remainder of Obama's presidency, then I will retract my statement. But don't plan on it.
  8. I think violent overthrow of a gov't is the only time it ever happens. And then only for a short time. If it ever was in the first place.

    For example, take a look at the wonderfully seedy and colorful past of Dole (the fruit company) and how many South American dictators they placed in power and/or propped up when it was beneficial for them.

    India after they threw the Brits out, China when Mao was slaughtering his countrymen by the millions, etc.

    I think I like the status quo better.. as long as I'm one of the rich ones!
  9. This thread could go way off on a tangent but you prove my point, if GS compensation seems unfair nothing is stopping you from working there and cashing in. But since those who don't work for GS, they might as well STOP them from getting paid TOO much.
  10. Why don't you ask Marie Antoinette?
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