Has there ever been a single documented case of profitable live trades?

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    I was curious if there was ever a single case of someone who claimed to be able trade profitably, to actually do it live and in front of a camera. I ask because there is tons of material on people claiming to, and even videos where they claim to, but not a single video showing them do it.

    I've read about a broker that retired, who revealed at his retirement party that in decades on Wallstreet, he had never had a single profitable client. In Gary Smith's book "How I Trade For a Living", he recounted how after taking numerous classes with "gurus", he had never seen one actually make a live trade.

    I asked TheRumpledOne if he would do it, since he was already making videos about how to trade, but he declined. Perhaps someone else wants to be the first to step on the moon?
  2. There are a lot of profitable traders (not percentage wise, but they are out there).

    Most of them would never reveal their methods.

    The "Guru's" are mostly failed traders so they seek to make a living trying to sell the dream to newbies. Nothing but parasites feeding off the hopes and dreams of the sheeple.
  3. I know the people at Shadowtrader.net are some good traders and they have live videos of trading the ES and making money. And they show losing trades as well. All their content is free as well.
  4. dumbest thread ever.

    seems like you are not aware of things called hedge funds?
    no to mention james simons or jim rogers.

    what is your background? mop at mcdonalds?
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    Brad or Peter from Shadowtrader call live trades every single day. They have sound strategy and seem to make profitable trades.

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  7. Here is an image of my sigs for today of one method I use.


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    This thread appears to be a coordinated effort by folks that recently joined ET to promote a website. It should probably be deleted.
  9. OP : pop ur head out of ur butt and read some stuff?
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