Has there ever been a forum for intraday trading ideas? (sorry, new guy)

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by SwingOutOn5, Jul 8, 2005.

  1. Just wondering; I can't seem to find one in the forums. If there isn't, anyone interested in doing a chatroom during the day?
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  3. cool, what about equities?

    I would like to build a team so that we could share analysis and ideas. I would like to think that a team could help make all individuals more money..... anyone have truth to this?
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    cool, what about equities?

    Same patterns for tradables intraday look at MikeW's 9/30
  5. Check out some of the chat sites like millennium-traders.com, pristine.com or daytradingstocks.com

    Lot's of trade ideas there.
  6. i think people are missing the point :)
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    SOO5 -

    you might get better responses if you provide more details about what you seek. there is a lot of trading knowledge / experience / strategy within the cyber walls of ET. if people have a better idea what it is you are after, they then have a better idea if they have something to contribute.

    otherwise, it might come across as 'Anyone want to handout some free strategies?' not that that is your agenda, but possibly the common perception.


    anyway, welcome to ET and gtty -

  8. What are you trading?

    E mini spoos, Russ, Naz, YM?

    Lots of folks here.

    Equities, I'd say go elsewhere. Most of em here are kinda negative.

    Nitro is the most adept, pure day trader that I have seen. He is a scalper though, and for some reason keeps his trade size small.

    I trade about 5 times per day, send a message if that counts.

    At times, I do 20 cts, and scale in/ out.

  9. I can see as how I could come across as wanting a handout. I don't want a handout. I want to share knowledge. I don't really know much, but I know enough to be consistently profitable, so I guess that counts.

    What I want is to be more profitable. I trade equities, but I want to get into 4x, too. I would like to set up a "team" to discuss stuff live, during the day. Maybe attack certain things together, or give heads up's to one another. There are many times I've been trading, out of buying power, and gone, "Look at (insert XYZ stock here)! Wish I had someone to tell!"

    SwingOutOn5 on AIM if you have any idears :p
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    Guys & Gals I have been a member of Millennium for well over 9 months now and I am doing great. I have tried others but, Millennium is the best out of all of them.
    They tell you to set a daily profit goal and since I been doing that, I have seen my trading improve 100%.
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