has the next bear started?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by empee, Feb 18, 2007.

  1. empee


    i think the indices, at least qqqq will continue to at least make a push higher, but I think the market "broadly" is selling off, which will be confirmed by the indexes at a later point. I don't know if this means a bear market or just a sell off, but in previous sell-off's (like last year) the action was not NEARLY as divergent. What I'm seeing here is something I've never seen before so I'm anxious to learn what it means :) (If anything!) Last year's selloff the indicators were "in sync" whereas now they are totally out-of-sync.

    (These indicators go back around mid 2003) and this is the first time I've seen this action since that time. So its new.
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  2. Mvic


    Well I capitulated. I took advantage of the dip this am to exit all my QQQQ's at a substantial loss and all other shorts. I am now long NQ, not feeling that great about it but looks like there is no end in sight as far as this liquidity glut and value doesn't matter when liquidity is in control. Yes it may end badly but probably not for a while and not until we get far more extreme.
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  3. S2007S


    I have been hearing the Russel 2000 can break 830, its on a tear today.
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  4. S2007S


    I have cash to work with on the long side however i just feel that its impossible to put it to work up here. I have bought at tops before and its not a fun thing to watch your long term investment take years to get back to even. How much more can you make buying SPY, DIA or QQQQ up here over the next 12 months. Is there really 15-20% more upside left, i would be amazed to see that kind of upside left in this market. Anything is possible at this point.
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  5. s2007 you're a perma bear. keep doubting this as we sky to dow 15k. please inform the board when you go long as thats the top
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  6. If by "Bear" you mean "Hitting new highs", then yeah. :D
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  7. Mvic


    Take a look at a monthly chart on the QQQQs I am not a big believer in Fib stuff but 50% retracements are pretty powerful and that would put the QQQQs at 70 (NQ 3000) Could easily happen without making any significant new lows.
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  8. S2007S


    I do buy on the long side, I recently held QLD, sold it after making $2.00 profit on it. I do go long on the dips, however my portfolio is more bearish than bullish at the moment. I also have money on the side to buy in long term, however with the markets only going higher its tough to commit a trade on the long side. Im looking to buy 3-5 sector ETFs on the long side in my long term portfolio but havent had the chance yet to do it since all these markets do is touch new highs. Looking to go long after a 3-5% pullback.
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  9. john12


    lol thats the problem. if we fall 5% the fall starts rolling and we fall 10-15%. if they allow it to fall 5% the games over thats why we never fall. at the 5% level is were all the perma bears who missed the run try to bottom fish and they get killed
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  10. S2007S


    How long would that take, thats about a 57% jump in QQQQ from where it trades today. WE would need on MAJOR catalyst.
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