Has the media gone on all out nuke attack mode on Romney?

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  1. Republican Mitt Romney is being hit with criticism in his own party over the tone and direction of the election campaign with a narrowing window of time to regroup.

    By Lisa Lerer and Julie Hirschfeld Davis - Sep 20, 2012 10:39 AM ET

    Even as Romney tried to transform his latest stumble into an attack on President Barack Obama, a series of national polls showed the incumbent's lead growing, leaving some Republicans anxious about his prospects, uncomfortable with the management of his campaign and impatient for him to turn the contest around.

    “He’s had two narratives over the last week and a half: one that says, ‘Is he compassionate?’; the other that says, ‘Is he competent?’,” Matthew Dowd, a Bloomberg analyst and former strategist for President George W. Bush, said on Bloomberg Television. “Both of those have created this opportunity for the president to reinforce a lead that he was already gaining


    Everywhere I am reading, the media has gone all out in a frenzied werewolf style attack mode on Romney. No more talk about Obama's economy, it's just relentless whack-a-Romney.
  2. the curtain was pulled back on the wizard and people are repulsed by what they see. he has no redeeming qualities other than he is a rich white guy.
  3. yes the msm is a sick joke. BUT, it is what it is and so its up to mitt to get passed it.
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    Whack-A-Bama sounds better.
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    Change white to black and you just described Obama.
  6. This is nothing new and Team Romney should have been ready for it. Everyone knew Romney wasn't the kind of guy who would inspire people to charge the hill, but he's looking rather weak. Even when he's pissed he looks meek. Won't scare anybody in a dark alley, that's for sure. You can't make a guy with his personality and temperament appear to look "tuff" without him looking silly. Don't need a Dukakis in a tank moment. Time for him to just lay it on the line. This is what I'm going to do. Don't like it, vote for the other guy. It's all he's got left at this point. If he doesn't kick ass in the debates he'll suffer an embarassing loss at the hand of a piss poor president.
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    Redeeming quality?
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    Pretty much, but then our news media doesn't report news. They go out of their way to shape opinion.

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    It really hasn't been that bad. Remember what they did to Bush.

    During the Bush years you couldn't watch TV for 5 minutes without someone hitting Bush on Gitmo. Gitmo is still open and you hardly hear a peep about it. A guy died there last week and the media all but buried the story. If Bush was President imagine the kinds of bogus stories these people would run.

    The media was so up in arms about warrantless wiretaps of terrorists. You couldnt turn on the TV without hearing about it. Obama is doing it and not a peep.

    You couldnt go 5 minutes without the media bringing up Iraq and Afganistan when Bush President. They would score cheap political points at the expense of dead American soldiers. Now with Obama as President on average one US service member is being killed by hostiles every day, and there is not a peep about it.

    Patriot Act. The media railed about it when Bush was President. Its still there, but when was the last time you heard about it.

    The list goes on and on. Countless policies that the media raked Bush across the coals for are still going on at Obama's discretion and not a peep.

    I wonder what the media would have done if Bush had a list of people he wanted to kill and he actually gave the order. These people would be killed with no trial, court order or congressional oversight and some of the targets would include American citizens.
  10. as a president.
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