Has the market been setting up for the REAL bull run?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Cdntrader, Apr 25, 2010.

Has the market been setting up for the REAL bull run

  1. Hell Ya!

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  2. Nahh we're doomed

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  1. Has the market been setting up for the REAL bull run?

    Can't shake the feeling this market is about explode higher.

    What do you think?

    lets vote:D
  2. S2007S


    "A real bull run"???

    So 85%+ off the lows in march wasn't a real bull run???

    Greed is running wild once again.
  3. Thats exactly why a mega crash is coming. Mkts up 85% and naz up 105% and people want more more more.Not one ounce of concern we've gone vertical at world record pace for 13 straight months.The 2003-2007 bull mkt was not even 100% which we've almost done in 13 months.
  4. Maybe my opinion on the stock market is a bit weird becasue I thought at the bottom that prices could have gone down much lower and now I still think prices must be too expensive still if unemployment is 9.7% and housing has still not recovered, just stabilized. If we get to past highs with that kind of situation, well, that's just a little silly in a way.

    I think it would be almost better if the Greek situation gave us a real retracement so people could get back in at cheaper prices.
  5. This thread is another one of those "You gotta be kidding me" threads.

    How can we go on a REAL bull run when we haven't had a REAL much-needed pullback?
  6. Because depending on who you are, the glass is always half full or half empty.:D
  7. While the market may be due for a "pause" at a higher level, I believe, technicals suggest to me we could rally to 1374 before putting in a true top, followed by 12-18 months of sideways to lower movement.

    To be clear, absent this cheap money I do not believe in a U.S. recovery.

    Stocks have been tough to buy for some because the "can is being kicked down the road," so to speak. But so far I'm not seeing a sign to sell.

    1255, maybe for a swing trade.

  8. Possible Bull mkt ahead.. Following factors

    More productive nation
    People willing to take any job (Slavery)
    Higher enrollment in college and graduations
    Spending more in areas that need it
    Slowly budgeting etc..

    As for Deficit
    Inflation will actually help alot this is what they are after, govt has stock pile of gold and silver which they will eventually sell when prices are high enough and buy back when rates soar and metals sink.. So possible bull run.. Also if Real Estate and commodities start to fall short term everything would come in but it would provide incentive for business to open with lower costs.