Has the Federal Reserve Ever Tried to Manipulate the Stock Market?

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  1. FED manipulated market from 1913

    long time and experience in manipulation
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    Grayson is a jackass.
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    Directly I dont think so, but indirectly the fed tried to get the stock market to rally many times. There was the Soc Gen stock market collapse of early 2008 when the Fed eased 125bps in like two weeks. And the Global rate cut back on Oct 2008
  4. They likely loan a trillion to GS and let them do it. Besides, the feds trading system appears to run on vacuum tubes.
  5. Greyson is funny, and you have to like his courage. Why aren't all public officials like that?
  6. Who do you think is investing into "dead-man walking stock markets"?.
  7. Grayson is awesome. You can see their body language tighten up when Grayson starts to speak. They aren't scared but they are very uneasy. If he goes too far his life will be in danger.
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    Grayson can be a bit harsh sometimes, but it's appropriate.

    I believe Grayson, Ron Paul and Peter Schiff have opened up a LOT of sheeples eyes.

    Momentum is gaining. A 2nd American revolution is coming soon.
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