Has the EU failed its original agenda?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by morganist, Aug 26, 2012.

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    "peaceful relationships" ?

    Germany is destroying Europe much more effectively with the economic "union" and the euro than in the whole WWII: no bombs, no german casualties, no losses, can you ask for more ?

    Soon special labor camps will be built all across Europe, where the weak lazy southern europeans will be deported, so that that will pay their debts off by building German cars, German planes and German tanks. Now Europe, next the World !
  2. With respect that was the point of the article. The article suggests the economic union should be scrapped for political union similar to the pre euro era.
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    That's funny. For many Americans on ET, Europeans are either lazy socialist bums or evil nazi monsters.

    On topic: anything built quickly without thinking things through and making too many compromises will fail, just as the EU unfortunately has. Another hilarious thing is that AFAIK only Eastern European countries (the "new" EU), Luxembourg and Finland conform to the Maastricht treaty.
  4. My suggestion in the article was that the economic union should be abandoned and the political union which stood for fifty years prior be reintroduced. This did seem to work somewhat successfully.
  5. Not all that different in America.

    Here we have (1) Layabout parasites and (2) hard working, accomplished capitalists... whose teat the layabouts suckle to "make their living"... all with Odumbo's sanction, of course.
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    I did understand your point, but I meant that maybe the peaceful periods in Europe are only periods of time in which european countries, primarily one of them, prepare for the next war.
    Let me explain.
    There is a small clause in the ECB statute that forbids it to finance states. To prevent inflation, they say.
    The 2% inflation target wasn't enough ?
    And why the criminals at the Bundesbank didn't complaint while the real estate bubble was inflating in Europe and while M3 was growing at 10%/year ? M3 at 10% isn't inflation ?

    We are at war right now and that ECB clause is the best weapon ever conceived, Hitler is red with envy.