Has the Dam Broke?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by seneca_roman, Oct 20, 2008.

  1. From PPP North Carolina poll:

    " Independent voters continue to move toward Obama in droves. He now has a 51-33 lead
    with them. He’s also now up to receiving 82% of the Democratic vote. Staying over the
    80% threshold there would almost certainly ensure a victory in North Carolina.

    McCain now leads among white voters just 55-39, an edge that’s not nearly enough given
    Obama’s 92-6 lead with black voters.

    “Assuming that the black vote is pretty much fixed McCain needs to add about ten points to his lead among white voters in the next two weeks if he’s going to win the state.”

    A atypical NC supporter:


  2. Here is a distinct possibility. A week before the election an Osama tape "suddenly" surfaces. In it Bin laden trashes Americans by saying they are weak, hopelessly stupid and how he will crush them in Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan. He also adds "that Obama guy shows some promise, I like him"
  3. I like this GUY !!!!!!!
    What a cool picture.