Has Politics Sunk So Low We Can't Find Better People To Run For Office?

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    In South Carolina, first you got Sanford, then you got Haley, now you got Alvin Greene getting the Dem nod to run for the Senate:


    Just when you thought South Carolina politics couldn't get any sleazier, Democratic leaders begged their surprise Senate nominee to quit yesterday upon learning he's facing charges of flashing porn at a coed.

    Alvin Greene, 32 and unemployed, shocked the Palmetto State's political establishment Tuesday night when he came out of nowhere - he didn't even have campaign signs - to beat well-funded fellow Democrat Vic Rawl, an ex-judge.

    But Greene's win - credited to the race's low interest and his higher position on the alphabetized ballot - apparently wasn't the only shocker the Army vet had in store.

    Court records show Greene was arrested in November and charged with showing obscene Internet photos to a University of South Carolina co-ed, a felony. He has yet to enter a plea or be indicted.

    The revelation prompted the leader of the state Democratic party yesterday to ask that Greene remove himself from the race.

    "I did not do this lightly, as I believe strongly that the Democratic voters of this state have the right to select our nominee," party chairwoman Carol Fowler said.

    "But this new information about Mr. Greene...would certainly have affected the decisions of many of those voters."

    No chance, said Greene, who yesterday vowed to forge ahead with his extreme-longshot campaign to unseat popular Republican Sen. Jim DeMint.

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