Has Obamacare Already Started? Mayo Clinic In AZ To Stop Accepting Medicare Patients

Discussion in 'Politics' started by rc822, Jan 26, 2010.

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    Attention America, we've only begun the ObamaStration. So lube up, grab those ankles and get ready for Year #2, when you'll get a lot of number 2 alright.

    There's only one thing a democrat wants to do when the economy is in the #2 receptacle - and that's raise taxes so it can be flushed. They know better than to say they will raise taxes. All liberals know better than to say what they really want - around anybody who's not a libtard, anyway. But you can bet it's coming. Maybe they'll call it Reinvesting in America by adding "fairness" to the tax code to "level the playing field" and asking the "winners in life's lottery" to "pay their fair share". It's all code words for "Do you work for a living and not receive government handouts? Then we will fix that problem."
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    At one point in the health care reform the wackos were going to simply add people to medicare. One of the best hospitals in the world will is no longer accepting medicare patients. And apparently, considering dropping medicare all together.

    The brilliance of the left.