Has Ninja Trader 7 improved candlestick charts?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by EON Kid, Jul 18, 2010.

  1. I'm after narrow candlestick charts like the one attached. Ninja Trader 6.5 has fat, not very scalable candlestick charts. Has Ninja Trader 7 improved candlestick charts so that I can get a narrow candle stick chart like the one attached.

  2. It's not clear to me what it is that you think you can't get with NT 6.5 (as your chart looks just like my NT 6.5 charts).

    Are you aware of the effect of holding down the CTRL key and using the UP and DOWN arrows on your keyboard?

    Apologies of I have misunderstood what you are after ...
  3. Yes you understand me correctly, if you hold Alt and use the up and down arrows you can adjust the candle width. But with NT it is still not as adjustable and narrow as some other chart packages. I want to fit more candles on the screen. Also on the narrow setting the tail on the candle is very narrow 1 pixel width, with the candle bodies wide.

    I'm wondering if NT7 has made the candles more configurable.
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    looks fine to me
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    In order to fit MORE candles on the screen, you need to use CTRL + UP arrow, not ALT combo. You can also change the width of the candle outline (tail/wick) in the Data Series page (CTRL-F) under "Candle Outline --> Width".

    Scalability wise, I think NT7 is same as NT6. But you can now easily customize the market hours using the Session Manager to crop out any particular hours you do not want to see.

  6. they look sexy

  7. from what sk8erboy posted it looks like NT7 has candles that are adjustable to a more narrow size
  8. I didn`t think NT7 was out yet?
  9. Beta release.
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    NT7 candle width can indeed be compressed more so than 6.5. NT7 is available as a beta release from our website.
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