has Kim left the building?

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  1. Kim, did you leave?
  2. (i'm assuming you're referring to Kim Klaiman)
    All gurus eventually leave. -- They come here all happy and excited thinking they'll get a boatload of new leads,

    Elite Traders...should be more like Jaded Traders, or Cynical Traders.
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  3. Visaria


    Back in North Korea, i believe.
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  4. heispark


    who's kim? this boy? just curious...

  5. Well, if it's not Kim, it's Him, I suppose :)
  6. Still here. Posting when have something relevant, not just for the sake of posting.

    For example, compared to all those greedy traders who lost their shirts on short volatility trades, we actually made 44% on SVXY trade after SVXY went down 90%. This is what happens when you know what you are doing.
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  7. JackRab


    interesting... what did you have on? 1:2 put ratio?
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  8. Read the article and find out.
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  9. JackRab


    :thumbsup: Just did.... nice.

    Can I make a suggestion?

    You started out with +/+ 100 stocks at 101.93, +/+ 1x 103 put (ITM), -/- 1x 110 call...

    It would be easier and probably less costly in fees and crossing the spread etc if you would just have bought the 103-110 call spread... because that's basically what you've traded.

    So on the trade where you made the money during the crash last week...
    You traded +/+ 1x 70 call (ITM) and +/+ 110 put (ITM)... and after a while -/- 130 call (OTM)

    The easier trade, which would've gotten the exact same payoff/construction would be
    +/+ 70 put (OTM) +/+ 110 call (OTM) and later -/- 130 call (OTM).

    Since they would be all OTM, bid/ask spread is probably a lot less and just easier to manage.

    Would be the same position...
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