Has HFT killed scalping / very short term trading?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Scaramanga, Jan 5, 2011.

Has HFT killed scalping / very short term trading?

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  1. Hello,

    A decade ago I make good money scalping, that got harder and harder, and gradually I increased the time frame and used more TA, but still I generally do not hold for long.

    This style is getting more difficult too, and I believe its because of the HFT engines.

    Good traders adapt, and now I am exploring swing trading.

    I’m wondering if other traders on this forum have found themselves in the same predicament.
  2. very logical analysis.. Yes i think HFTers are eating any scalpable volume. Good luck with swing...

    I will stay scalping for a while ,,,obsolete mind..:D
  3. what market are you referring to?
  4. meshet


    depends what instrument you are refirring to. most spdrs are rebate trading mostly
  5. HFT makes up 56% of equity trading volume and 1/3rd of the futures volume.

    I would wholeheartedly say that it actually MAGNIFIES the intra-day movements and trend(s), which facilitates scalping.
  6. wrong , as usual.

    huge ops scalping, but it requires profound knowledge and fast reflexes.

    the more I hear folks giving up scalping......

    seriously , how can you look at 10 random charts and say it cant be scalped?

    you mean scalped with zero risk and an IQ of 86?. No , thats not possible, which eliminates 98% right there.