Has GHCO bought Refco's Miami office?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by ynox1, Dec 6, 2005.

  1. ynox1


    Is that true?
    Also, what happened to the Montreal office?
  2. one in m. beach?
  3. Prop


    I heard from someone in Montreal that Andy Priston AKA Braveheart has opened or is opening an office for 25 elite traders from Canada and the UK. Guys from the UK are looking to take advantage of the Canadian tax incentives and also the attractive women that are there. Sound pretty cool!
  4. i have heard that GH did in fact pick up some of the trader from Miami and they are still operating out of miami.
  5. MMK

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    GHCO did pick up a few of the Miami traders. They (we) are currently looking for bigger space and it will take a while to get our bandwidth installed. Soon.

  6. What tax incentives, if I dare ask?
  7. MMK

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    I think you have to be moving from the UK. US citizens still have to pay us tax no matter where you are located unless your renounce your citizenship.
  8. Prop


    UK citizens can apply for a 5 year tax free holiday.
    I heard the office is going to be very high tech I am going to beg for an interview there I think
  9. TGM


    Is it going to be near the RTS Montreal Office or are they going somewhere like Toronto?

    When you have the info PM me their desk fees etc.
  10. Prop


    They are opening a brand new office down town. I will find out the desk fees
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