Has ever been a profitable REAL TIME journal on ET?

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  1. Or just the usual bluffing without actually posting real time?
  2. I'll give you the secret to making that work: you can edit posts up to 30 minutes after you've posted, and you can always change them up until that time. I'd be very dubious of any claims of such performance, and you should, too. You should only believe 3rd parties, and not the person making the claims. That's why I use collective2, but covestor is pretty sweet and you can actually verify a brokerage account on it. Those are pretty much the only two sites offering the kind of analysis you need to make a rational decision.
  3. I'll say this much, I'm 99% sure that NO ONE makes money with indicators.

    For every MA crossover or MACD crossing above/below that does work, there are just as many that dont.

    The people that are making money dont have time to post in a thread on elitetrader as to what there doing.
  4. MSFT


    Bwolinsky and dafishman

    you two just made the two best posts on ET ever made

    more true than the truth :)
  5. Pekelo


    The 3 posters above me are all idiots. I could go into details, but it is rather obvious...

    Tonight's word is: Verisimilitude

    This was back in the days when volatility was half of today's....
  6. MSFT


    and you are implying that ET is filled with honest successful traders eager to help others

    the truth is ET is filled with 99% hopeful but hopeless

    Plenty of part time pizza delivery boys on ET, plenty
  7. Pekelo


    Maybe so, but that wasn't the question. Now excuse me, but I have a pizza to deliver....
  8. No offense, but you talk pretty stupid. I like sausage and peppers. Side of hot sauce with that please.
  9. Who give a rat's ass whether anything on ET is real or not. The real question would be -- have "you" been profitable in real time.

    Let me offer some unsolicited advice. Spend your time & energy on becoming the best you can be and stop wasting energy on whether something anonymously stated on a message board has any relevance. It has none and take it as such.

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    None taken, but you are still an idiot. If my strategy makes 2 trades a day and I am really slow executing them, it still gives me 6 hours 20 minutes to deliver pizza, watch porn or educate the ignorant...

    ...and the OP's question was answered affirmative with an example, so case closed.
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