Has Christianity Been Hijacked?

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  1. Speaking of Xianity...

    The Bush administration loves to say that "Islam has been hijacked." That people who promote violence in the name of Allah are frauds.

    Bush himself also loves to promote himself as a man of God and America as an xian nation, yet I cannot see Christ being a capitalist conservative nor a military leader preemptively bombing Iraq with "shock and awe."

    If you ask me, the Bush admin has hijacked Christianity just as much as Mullah Omar has hijacked Islam.

    I'm not saying that Bush's actions are anywhere near as bad as the Taliban's or anything like that, but what I am saying as that Bush's version of America, economically and military, is a fry cry from what Jesus talked about.

    I don't know about Islam, so I cannot really comment on its popular practice vs. the Quaran, but I have no doubt in my mind that Jesus Christ was a socialist pacificst. How such a man could become the role model for modern day conservative republicans, a la Bush, is beyond me...

    For the record, I am no longer a Christian, although I have gone to Catholic school my whole life, so I do have a modicum of authority on the matter.

    If you axe me, Bush has hijacked Christianity.
  2. You're damn right he has!

    As pretty much every leader "hijacks" -- twists to his advantage -- religion in rallying the troops.

    In Bush's case, given the outrage over the illegal actions the US is taking, it actually serves him quite well to be seen as a devoted Christian.

    I mean, there's no way Bush himself could the part of the real axis of evil, is there? The man's a Christian!
  3. Bin Laden has NOT hijacked Islam!

    He is living his life as a bloodthirsty terrorist murderer, just as the prophet Mohammad led his own life. Bin Laden obeys his religion to the letter.
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    Bush is a Christian, Rumsfeld is a peacenik - and i am the emperor of China