Has Bitcoin Finally Met Its Match?

Discussion in 'Cryptocurrencies' started by birdman, Oct 17, 2020 at 11:39 AM.

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    What a stupid article.

    So it saying Apple met its match because Blackberry is here. Not even Samsung.
  3. RedDuke


    USDT is fake and not backed by anything. It is a known fact. One of few things they keeps BTC this high. Look at USDT history.

    mind boggling that it is allowed to exist.
  4. Well the same thing can be said about the US dollar, but you don't see us complaining about it
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  5. RedDuke


    not really. USD is reserve currency with no equivalent as of now. USDT is virtual shit that is created at will by BitFinance to keep BTC from crashing. It is really this simple.

    if you recall, original claim every USDT is backed by USD 1 for 1. When auditors disagreed, auditors were fired. Then well not 1 for 1 but still backed by some loans. Then almost a billion gone missing. Now, we all fools and do not understand the model. We will create USDT at will and be allowed to use them to purchase BTC, but the rest of world need to use their hard earned cash.
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    Haha do not criticize day trading or crypto bagholding in this forum you'll make a lot of people angry.
    Hey what I care most about is that McAfee little bet. 2 months left...
    I was very happy when the FCA banned crypto derivatives. Get that casino off my internet.
    Almost 3 years since the bubble top already.
    Crypto baghodlers dreams of lambos are slowly fadding away...
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    Crypto "money" is here to stay, the New World Order depends on it.

    Wake up people...


    (From the classic movie "They Live")
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  8. I've been saying it since day 1. Part of the illuminati is one world currency, crypto
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  9. SunTrader


    Wake up is right. The dollar already beat crypto to one world currency status.

    More of our chit money floating outside the country than in.
  10. Roddy Piper rip
    Classic great “bad movie”