Has anytone tried TradeStation brokerage?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Maximus, Jul 5, 2001.

  1. Maximus


    Does anyone out there have any experience with TradeStation's new platform? I'd be curious to know how well it performs, how fast executions are etc.
  2. alain


    I haven't used Tradestation Platform yet. But I'm looking forward to open an account there. I'm waiting a little because their system is new and sure has some beginning problems.

    In the Barron's best Direct Access Brokers is Tradestation on the top. Tradestation is also in realationship with Bear Sterns... specially for the amount of shorting stocks.

  3. Babak


    haven't used the execution platform but can tell you that their datafeed is extremely unreliable and slow. So it doesn't matter how fast you can execute trades, if those trades are based on dated prices. Consider this your warning.
  4. Is this based on recent experience? How outside the market are we talking? Futures, stocks, or both. Anyone with an opinion on this would be appreciated?
  5. Apparently Tradestation.com uses MarketStream's M3 data server which may be causing the low degree of reliability. From what we've seen, Marketstream's data server is very buggy.
  6. Babak


    fooliosbrother, my experience was limited to the 10 day trial they offer. This was back in June. So they *may* have changed. Although that is not what I hear from others. Just a note of caution. Try their trial offer and see for yourself.
  7. Omega changed their policy. The Trial Offer is dead for new clients. If you are an existing TS software owner you can try the new Tradestation Platform. Is anyone aware of other software that allows you to back test and program with the same degree of flexibility as TS?

    Babak, was TS behind all the time or just in the morning? Are we talking a minute or more? Futures or stocks? Thanks for the feedback guys. I appreciate it.
  8. Babak


    the data feed was behind and unreliable. The time and sales would just freeze for a minute or more and then burst to catch up. Just rediculous!

    Many times during the free trial the data would just stop! I called them and asked what was up, their reply was that they were having problems because they had brought the trading platform on board.

    To me this was not truthful because when I signed on they had yet to introduce the trading platform and therefore I interpreted it as a smoke screen that they were using to cover up some serious problems.

    I'm sure that they will get their act together, eventually. I'm just not going to wait.

    ps I'm a bit shocked they would cancel the free trial period. Maybe too many people like me where finding out they had problems and not signing up. Otherwise if you have a great product you stand behind it and offer a free trial just to prove how good it is.
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    Just came across this post on SI:


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    Boys, the new TradeStation Pro release with integrated order entry is hot. They fixed all the bugs, and the performance has improved tremendously. They just did a major upgrade to their network as well. By the way, this is the latest 6/27 build that they will be scaling users into over the next few weeks. The previous build had a ton of problems, and God bless them they fixed every one that was reported.
  10. tymjr


    CQG is developing back testing capabilities. The new system also offers automated execution. I'm not sure how it compares, as I have not used its features. It is far more expensive.
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